jos a bank current sale

Bank's: Our customers deserve our sales to end. In a shocking announcement, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers (ticker JOSB), known for its nearly. European retailer Zara announced in June that it will close 1,000 stores in an effort to focus on online sales, which received a boost from stay. And that is why we feature different promotions on an ongoing basis—so you'll be able to score great deals, including suits, dress shirts, sweaters.
jos a bank current sale
jos a bank current sale

: Jos a bank current sale

Jos a bank current sale
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Press Release: JoS. A. Bank, Baltimore Ravens Launch Relationship

Jos. A. Bank and the Baltimore Ravens have threaded the needle in providing Ravens fans a destination for men's corporate Purple Friday apparel. As a new participating sponsor of Purple Fridays for the 2011 season, Ravens fans will be encouraged to show their team pride by visiting and selecting sportshirts, ties, sweaters and dress shirts in shades of purple that suit any style from dress to casual.

"We are very excited to begin a relationship with JoS. A. Bank," said Edward A. Burchell, Jr., Vice President of Regional Partnerships & Sales for the Baltimore Ravens. "For decades, JoS. A. Bank has been synonymous with quality, premier, corporate apparel in the greater Baltimore and Maryland marketplace. What Baltimore native has not purchased a shirt, tie, suit or sweater there? They are a Baltimore legacy brand and an expert in men's apparel that can help extend our Purple Friday brand in our market."

Ten store locations in the greater Baltimore and York County areas will be available to provide these options within the Ravens' primary market, including Kenilworth – Towson, Hunt Valley, Baltimore – Light Street, Columbia, Westminster, Annapolis, Severna Park, Frederick, Bel Air and York (Pa.).

"We are very excited and jos a bank current sale to be working with a great organization like the Ravens this year," said Nicholas J. Rizzi, Vice President – Corporate/Incentive Sales for JoS. A. Bank. "Together with our customers and the team, we believe this partnership is another way that we can differentiate ourselves in the market as the destination of choice for your Purple Friday men's apparel. Whether in a meeting, board room presentation, special evening event or on the golf course, Ravens fans now have a place to go for all their men's Purple Friday apparel."

Supported with local direct mail, radio, television and website branding and visibility, all participating locations will dedicate an area in each store for Ravens fans to find this merchandise. At the end of the season, two lucky Ravens fans will be eligible to win an opportunity to travel on the third-annual AAA Ultimate Ravens Fans Cruise, a seven-day excursion from July 8-15, to the Western Caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom Of The Seas. Several current and former Ravens players will be in attendance.

For more information about JoS. A. Bank and the Ravens, visit and, respectively.


Retailers love the idea that consumers can be trained to view certain price points and markdowns as terrific deals. Just tweak the prices and wait for shoppers to bite. And when consumers get to the point that they can see through the manipulative promotions? Then it’s time to retrain them. jos a bank current sale specialist Jos. A. Bank has enjoyed strong sales and rapid expansion in the post-recession era largely thanks to its steady stream of sales and promotions. Virtually all stores have sales, but Jos. A. Bank is known for going over the top, with deals like “buy one, get two free” and 70% off becoming commonplace. The retailer even got sued last summer by customers who contend that Jos. A. Bank’s pricing strategies amount to “deceptive marketing” because no one ever pays the original prices listed on merchandise.

Even without the lawsuit, Jos. A. Bank would probably have been rethinking its never-ending deep discounting over the last several months. In a recent conference call with analysts, company CEO R. Neal Black announced that first quarter profits were down sharply. Stores open at least a year saw an 8% drop in total sales, and this comes on the heels of what Black called a “weak trend in the fourth quarter.”

Black admitted that the big markdowns and promotions that worked in years past just aren’t as effective as they used to be in driving sales. It looks like shoppers are ignoring Jos. A. Bank’s promotions as the store has turned into something like The Boy Who Cried Sale. People have been getting less excited by the retailer’s BIG SALE! promotions because, by now, they realize that everything is always on sale. There’s not much sense of urgency to take advantage of a sale when you know that another deal is guaranteed to pop up as soon as the current one ends.

(MORE:Gimme a Price Already! Edmunds Tries to End the Most Aggravating Part of Car Shopping)

Jos. A. Bank isn’t giving up entirely on sales and markdowns, but after a brutal few months of sales it is trying to ease off the flow promotions. Mark Montagna, a senior analyst with Avondale Partners, told the Baltimore Sun that 2013 is likely to be a bad year for Jos. A. Bank as consumers have even less reason to visit stores, but that the shift is probably necessary. “Promotions got too steep, and it [went on] for too long,” said Montagna. “But it’s going to be very difficult to retrain the customer. It’s not a one-year process.”

Jos. A. Bank can look at the recent experiences of JC Penney to see just how difficult it is to “retrain the customer.” In early 2012, CEO Ron Johnson promised an end to “fake prices”—the system Jos. A. Bank uses relentlessly, with inflated original prices followed by major markdowns. By the 2012 Christmas shopping season, it was clear that JC Penney’s new no-coupons, minimal-sales policy was failing to gain traction with shoppers. “You have to earn their trust,” Johnson said at the time of shoppers. “In the short run, our business will be a little lower as we retrain the customer to understand value.”

A few months later, Johnson was fired and JC Penney apologized for its one-year experiment trying to “retrain” its customers.

It’s unclear whether whether JC Penney’s apology worked, but the retailer now has another problem on its hands: It must retrain customers who had gotten used to Ron Johnson-era everyday low pricing in its stores.

(MORE:Shoppers Win? JC Penney Reintroduces Fake Prices)

While there’s nothing particularly jos a bank current sale about a store inflating original prices and then discounting them sharply to make a “sale” seem impressive, the tactic (known as “anchoring”) has never seemed quite as obvious—shameless, even—as it has lately at JC Penney. After Johnson was pushed out as CEO, stores began to rapidly raise prices, typically by covering up the item’s old price with a sticker. As one TV station investigation showed, it’s been common to see, for instance, a shirt priced “on sale” at $13.99, down from $20. Only underneath the $13.99 tag, it’s revealed that the shirt was originally listed at $10 mere weeks ago.

It’s pretty difficult to train any customer into believing that this is truly a good deal.


Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank will close up to 500 stores

The parent company of two popular men's clothing retailers, Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank, announced Tuesday that it will close hundreds of its stores, citing the coronavirus pandemic as the driving force behind the decision.

Tailored Brands, based in Houston, Texas, said it plans to shutter up to 500 of its store locations "over time." It wasn't clear which stores would close or if one brand would be affected more than the other.

The company also said it plans to cut 20% of its workforce.

"Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on our business, further actions are needed to help us strengthen our financial position so we can navigate our current realities," Tailored Brands president and CEO Dinesh Lathi said in a statement.

"While today’s announcement is a difficult one, we are confident these are the right next steps to protect our business and position us to more effectively compete in today’s environment.”

As of Feb. 1, Tailored Brands owned 1,450 U.S. stores. The company also owns Moores Clothing for Men, located primarily in Canada, and K&G Fashion Superstore, which has locations in 27 states. Its stock has fallen more than 83% this year, CNBC reported.

The news comes on the heels of a number of other major retailers announcing closures.

After filing for bankruptcy in May, J.C. Penney said 154 stores across 38 states would close as part of restructuring. European retailer Zara announced in June that it will close 1,000 stores in an effort to focus on online sales, which received a boost from stay-at-home orders during the pandemic.

In May, J.Crew filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. And earlier this month, Brooks Brothers, the storied fashion brand which boasts having dressed 40 presidents, filed for bankruptcy. The company said it was deciding which of its 250 stores to close.

Maura Hohman

Maura Hohman is a Brooklyn-based staff editor and reporter for TODAY Digital who joined the team early in the coronavirus pandemic. While she happily writes about a range of topics, from pop culture to politics, she has a special interest in in-depth health coverage, especially COVID-19 research, women's health and racial health disparities.


Are Jos. A Bank Suits a Good Buy?

Jos. A Bank is a well-known chain of men’s clothing stores that also sells online. Because they often deeply discount their suits, some wonder if they offer good value. Here’s my review of Jos. A. Bank suits based on personal experience:

Often, you get better value by buying brands like Jos. A Bank when compared to trendier designer brands.

Jos. A. Bank Suits Review

Jos. A. Bank suits offer good value and are comparable in quality to jos a bank current sale major suit brands at a similar retail price point. In fact, you will find that most suits that retail in the $1500 range are not constructed any differently than a top-of-the-line $800 Jos. A Bank ‘Signature Gold’ suit. Typically, they use half-canvas construction (check this page for a definition of half-canvas) and premium wool fabrics. When compared to more expensive designer labels that offer suits in the $1000 – $1500 range, you will find that the quality is comparable to what Jos. A Bank offers for around $500 – $800.

Jos. A. Bank Suits

Why Jos. A. Bank Suits Are Priced Lower Than Many Competitors

Most menswear brands today do not own factories. The vast majority of menswear labels, including Jos. A. Bank, outsource suit manufacturing to factories in China, Mexico, Jos a bank current sale, and other countries. Your Jos. A. Bank suit may be made in the same factory and use the same methods of construction as a long list of other menswear brands. Some of those brands may charge a higher price for a similar suit simply by adding the perception jos a bank current sale greater value with a ‘designer’ label. Because of the high volume of suits that Jos. A. Bank sells (1.1 Billion in sales 2017) it has lower manufacturing costs overall than most of its competitors. Plus, you are not paying a high markup for a popular designer name. For those reasons, Jos. A. Bank can sell suits jos a bank current sale a lower price than many of its competitors.

If you would like to dig deeper into the secrets of suit construction, check out these two articles (links below) where a boutique suit maker (who retails suits for $1500.00 & up) takes apart and compares the construction features of a $500.00 Jos. A. Bank suit and a ‘designer’ $1500 Z Zegna suit. It reveals just how similar they are in construction and quality.

A Note on Jos. A. Bank Promotional Pricing

First of all, the original suggested retail price is never the true price for the suit. The promotional price, typically half of the retail price, is closer to the true everyday retail price of the suit. If you want the best price, look out for clearance sales at the end of season. The pricing can fluctuate wildly with the confusing range of promotions and clearance sales so a little patience can often yield a much better price. Check the Jos. A. Bank website at various times throughout the month (and throughout the year) to catch the best deals. The one month of the year when you are most likely to find the best deals on suits are in January (that is true of retail menswear in general).

Jos. A Bank Suits

Choose the Jos. A Bank Collection That Fits Your Budget

The lower priced ‘Executive’  and mid-tier ‘Signature’ collection suits offered by Jos. A Bank uses less-costly fused interlining construction like all other suit brands in the $200-$500 price range. The ‘Signature’ collection does offer premium fabrics and better construction details than the “Executive Collection’, but not the superior half-canvas construction of the top-of-the-line Jos. A. Bank ‘Signature Gold‘ collection. Personally, I prefer the Jos. A. Bank ‘Traveler,’ ‘Signature‘ and ‘Signature Gold‘ Collections as they offer a choice of more luxurious jos a bank current sale and construction details. The Traveler and Signature Collections also have jos a bank current sale ‘canvas chest piece’ sewn in to add shaping to the chest (although it is not mentioned in Jos. A. Bank advertising). I know this because I do all of my own alterations and I have opened up each of these suit jackets.  The quality upgrade from the Signature Collection to Signature Gold Collection adds a more substantial, higher quality canvas chest piece interlining which adds better shaping and a bit of flattering heft to the shoulder and chest area of the suit. The Signature Gold Collection also features a range of more luxurious fabrics.

Recently, Jos. A. Bank added the highest-level Reserve Collection. I have not had any personal experience with the suits from that collection. However, jos a bank current sale are made in Massachusetts by the respected menswear designer Joseph Abboud. I own a couple of Joseph Abboud suits and they are of excellent quality, offering bolder contemporary design and fabrics. They can match the style of luxury Italian suits while us dept of hud homes for sale a more comfortable fit for the American physique (Italian suits generally are cut to favor slimmer physiques). With the Jos. A. Bank Reserve Collection, you’re getting the best of Joseph Abboud designer styling and luxury Italian fabrics without the luxury label and price tag.

Should You Buy A Jos. A. Bank Suit?

Often you get better value by buying brands like Jos. A Bank when compared to trendier designer brands. Just keep in mind that the cut of the suit may be less trendy with a brand like Jos. A Bank that caters to businessmen rather than the fashion-minded (the Reserve Collection does offer designer styling and luxury fabrics). Truthfully, since suits remain in your wardrobe longer than most items of clothing, you don’t want to buy faddish styles that rapidly lose their appeal.

Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection Suit

My Experience With Jos. A. Bank Suits

Personally, I buy all of my suits used on eBay or at thrift shops. I own two Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold collection suits and consider them worth seeking out. My dark blue wool pinstripe Signature Gold suit (seen at the top of this post) is a solid business suit made with luxurious yet durable fabrics. It has modest business-appropriate tailoring and all of the quality touches that really matter including half-canvas construction, Bemberg (a natural fiber that breathes) lining, and better-quality wool fabric. If you are slim, be aware that the Signature Gold Tailored Fit collection may offer a more flattering fit for you.

I also own a Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection suit (3-button blue chalk-stripe shown above). It does not have the higher-quality canvas chest piece of the Signature Gold Collection. However, in terms of real-world quality it is still an excellent value especially when its sold on promotion as low as $199 when new (it may even be cheaper during end-of-season clearance sales). I am wearing my lightweight silk, wool and linen blend sportscoat from the Jos. A. Bank Signature Collection (Tailored Fit) below. This is one of my favorite spring/summer season sport coats.

Jos. A. Bank sport coat

If you are looking for a suit for a special occasion or event and have a tight budget, you cannot go wrong with the lower-priced  Jos. A. Bank collections. Their classic ‘Executive Collection’ seersucker and cotton suits are among my favorites. They offer good quality and stylish looks at a very good price if you take advantage of promotions or sales. A good fit will make the average suit look extraordinary so paying a bit extra for alterations is a worthy investment with any suit purchase.

Jos. A. Bank Suits Durability

Jos. A. Bank Executive Collection Suit

Here’s my personal observation on the durability of Jos. A. Bank suits. The suit seen above is a six-year-old Jos. A. Bank Executive Collection suit (their lowest-priced collection). It looks as good as new. I rarely dry clean it (only when it is soiled) and do periodic maintenance that includes going over it with a clothes steamer (that removes odors and freshens the fabric) as well as a careful pressing with a steam iron. Also, I brush it after every wear with a soft-bristled clothes brush and hang it on a proper suit hanger. With proper care and rotation (I wear this suit two or three times a month) it proves to be quite durable. Learn more about proper suit maintenance in this post.

My Jos. A. Bank Executive Collection Cotton-Blend Suit

If you need a suit only for a special event or rare occasions, the lowest priced Executive Collection will serve your needs and your budget well. It will also work well as a basic suit for business wear. If you want a suit that will hold up under frequent wear and offers luxury fabrics and details, the Signature Gold collection offers very good value when compared to more expensive competitive brands that sell for under $1,500.00. I’ve seen Signature Gold suits go on sale for as low as $299.00 which is an excellent value for the price. Determine the level of quality that best fits your budget and keep an eye on the promotions and clearance sales Jos. A. Bank is well known for. You can find a good deal!

If you take care of your Jos. A. Bank suits and give thought to how they fit and are accessorized, they will make as good a presentation as suits costing much more. Every Jos. A. Bank suit shown in this post is from my personal wardrobe.

I have added a new post with a review of Jos. A. Bank dress shirts. Be sure to check out my post “How Much Should I Pay for a Quality Suit.” for more helpful information. Basic principles that can help you to dress well on a budget are discussed in this post.


Why Jos. A Bank would want to buy its larger rival Men's Wearhouse

It remains to be seen what Jos. A Bank will do next and whether it will raise its offer or take the offer to Men's Wearhouse shareholders directly. Men's Wearhouse rose 23% in early trading. Jos. A. Bank climbed 5.9%.

Jos. A. Bank Chairman Robert Wildrick told the Wall Street Journal that he would continue to press the bid and said his company would be open to being bought instead by Men's Wearhouse if it would pay the same 42% premium Jos. A. Bank says it is offering.

Men's Wearhouse, coming out of a public fight in June over the firing of its founder and public face George Zimmer, said it has plenty of  upside opportunities without Jos. A Bank, less than half its $2.5 billion in sales. It added it has reported 13 straight positive same-store sales since 2009, while Jos. A. Bank has had three straight declines in sales, margins and profit. Its growth strategy includes introducing exclusive designer brands, including its purchase of Joseph Abboud designer label, to raise the average selling price. It's also attracting younger customers and expanding online sales and growing both full-line and outlet jos a bank current sale, the company said.

Both retailers had benefited in 2010 and 2011 with men replenishing their wardrobes and an improving employment trend coming out of the recession. They also were helped by a silhouette change in tailored clothing and changes in promotional strategies and market, wrote J.P. Morgan analyst Brian Tunick in  September. However, he said the "tailwind" they got has "reached later innings and competition in men's apparel retail started to increase for the first time after years of consolidation."

He noted their sales have started to slow starting in the back half of 2012 and into 2013. Both retailers' sales growth rate last year slowed to a single-digit growth from double-digit growth rates in each of the prior two years, FactSet data showed.

"We believe this is a favorable deal for" Men's Wearhouse, said Stifel analyst Richard Jaffe. "The transaction offers significant operational synergies while increasing the scale with over 1,700 stores in North America."

Men's Wearhouse has 1,137 stores. Jos. A. Bank operates 623 stores.

The two retailers complement each other, Jaffe said, adding Jos. A Bank would benefit from Men's Wearhouse's strong tuxedo rental business, which he said Jos. A. Bank has tried to enter but has been having a tough time at it. It also could benefit from the more on-trend branded merchandise offerings, including Men's Wearhouse's recent purchase of Joseph Abboud, he said. For Men's Wearhouse, it could learn from Jos. A Bank's strong "omnichannel" business, the analyst noted. He said Men's Wearhouse CEO Doug Ewert also will be an asset to the combined company.

Men's apparel sales have outpaced that of sales for women. NPD Group data showed men's clothing sales rose 6% this year through July, outpacing the 2.1% growth for women. Tailored clothing also saw double digit-gains, including a 55% growth for suit separates, while there was little growth for major categories  including knit and woven shirts, NPD data showed.

The analyst noted Destination XLwhich sells clothing for big and tall men, also would make sense in a mix to create an even more dominant player in men's apparel to offer products across various prices and sizes.

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