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Learn to play Go with this virtual board

Go is an ancient board game that originated in China about two thousand years ago, which has only recently become quite popular in the West. Like chess, it's got a few simple rules, but involves a lot of strategy and planning.

With iGoWin you can now play Go on your PC against a computer-controlled opponent. The game starts with a new game right after launch – no introduction or tutorials - so if you are a newcomer to Go you may feel a bit lost. Luckily iGoWin is thoroughly documented. The Help section includes all the rules you need to know to play the game and even some basic questions to make sure you understand them.

iGoWin doesn't require installation and is the kind of simple, straightforward game that's perfectly suitable for a short break from work. I still miss being able to play against another human opponent though, which always makes gaming a lot more fun.

If you're looking for something different to play during your coffee break, give iGoWin a try.

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Sport : Play, Do, Go

Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #85753: Sport : Play, Do, Go

    is used with ball sports and competitive games where you play against another person.

          It means to take part in a game which is played with rules.

          TENNIS is a ball sport.

             POKER is a competitive game.You play to win.

  is used for recreational activities and a non team sport. You don't use a ball.



is often used with activities that end in -ing. You go somewhere to do something.


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Learn To Play. If you can surround ... What Is Go? Introduction; Learn To Play; A Brief History of Go; ... Learn More. Learn To Play; Beyond the...

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Go Game – Play Go Online


Play Go Online. Free multiplayer GO game for you to play online! Play against go players from all around the world! ADVERTISEMENT Screenshots ...

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How to Play Go

Go has very simple rules and concepts, but a complex strategy. You start with an empty board. You alternately place pieces which don't move (called stones) on it. You try to surround empty areas, whilst capturing your opponent's stones by surrounding them and taking them off the board. However, as with a lot of simple concepts, it can take a little while to grasp the concepts and a long time to master them.

Step 1: Learn The Rules

Go An Introduction

Probably the quickest way of getting started is Go An Introduction, a cartoon intro drawn by Andreas Fecke. In it the Chess king and queen are taught to play by the Go stones.

Don't be put off by the comic format of this introduction, designed to be attractive to children. It is really a good 5 minute intro for adults!

Play Go booklet

For a more comprehensive introduction, including a rules explanation, an example game, some history and cultural background to the game, see our online booklet Play Go.

If you prefer a quick video introduction, the European Go and Cultural Centre has produced three one minute introductory videos:

1. The Aim of Go: Territory

2. How to Play Go

3. Capturing Stones

If you want a slow but complete video introduction, then Shawn Ray in the US has produced a series of 14 videos in his How To Play Go channel on YouTube.

Now why not see what an example game (with comments) looks like? It's here.

Step 2: Get Playing!

You've learnt how to play now, so you're ready to get started. Here are our top picks for simple free or inexpensive programs to play against a computer, on a tablet, smartphone or online:

  1. Capture Go is a simple version of Go, teaching key concepts, so is useful if you haven't played at all
  2. Igowin for Windows or Igowin Tutor for iPhone/iPad/iPod, for playing on a 9x9 board, adjusts its skill levels to yours as you improve!
  3. GoQuest (iPhone/iPad only) allows play against someone online on a 9x9 or 13x13 board.

Visit Where can I play? to find out more about the Go community and other playing options.

Step 3: Learn a few simple techniques

When you've played a few games and you want some clues as to how to play better, the material in this section should be useful. We recommend three sets of lessons for ‘people who know the rules but not a lot more’. They cover similar ground, so have a quick look at each and read through the one you like the look of best.

  • The Interactive Way to Go: This is a comprehensive course with short lessons and exercises that will take you past the beginner stage - you play simple situations on the screen and the computer responds.
  • Tips for Getting Stronger: Written for the UK Go Challenge for youngsters; the later sections bring in a few ideas not covered by the above.
  • Tel's Go Notes: A more compact coverage of the topics, including sample games with comments.

Step 4: Follow it up

And finally: we're sure you will want to explore How can I play better, either now or after you've played a few games.

Источник: https://www.britgo.org/howtoplaygo

Play (and learn) Go

Play Go in a club

To discover or practice Go the easiest and most natural way is to join a Go club nearby.
Go is not expensive, it's free to try and for regular members it's only around twenty EUR to pay per year.

Go rules are not complicated at all, but the strategy is deep and the first steps can be troublesome if you get overloaded with complex information provided by enthusiast amateurs. So to have a good start we recommend essentially to practice and enjoy exploring your own ideas.

Still if you are searching specifically for "Go lessons", most of the time you will not find much "organized teaching classes" as such in clubs.
But in every club, Go players practice, analyze games, propose Go problems to solve, share their experience... So if you are a beginner, we invite you first to enter into a Go club that suits you and play a bit. With more practical experience you would then be able to chose wisely among various available possibilities to see what would suit you (books, exercises on Internet, videos, lessons with pro players...).

Go initiation on internet

Play on Go server

  • OGS, The newest, the most complete. Just a very good server to play Go the way you like.
  • KGS, Popular in Europe, the most "friendly atmosphere"- you can join our "Belgian Room" !
  • Pandanet (IGS), , The oldest and most popular in the world where you can also find the European championship
  • DGS (Dragon Go Server), possibility to play many games simultaneously but not in real time - the pace is typically one move per day which can be less stressing

Go programs

  • Igowin, suitable for beginners.
  • Leela, dan level program.
  • AI SENSEI , review your games thank to the most powerful free A.I.: Leela/Lizzie and Katago (first reviews are free)

Go theory and practice

Learning Go


  • Go Commentary (commented pro games on youtube)
  • Yunguseng Lectures by In-Seong Hwang
  • Go video lectures by Catalin Taranu's
  • FulguroGo, pedagogic videos for all levels in French
  • Baduk Movies, various video lectures on common sequences, many free of charge
  • Bat's lectures, video lectures and commented games
  • Baduk Doctor, many lectures with detailed and good pedagogic approach
  • Go pro Yeonwoo, lectures with many strong AI calculated sequences
  • AlphaGo Zero vs Alphago Master, commented games by Michael Redmond, 9-p. High level.
  • ONLINE GO SCHOOLS (with pro teachers)

  • Lucas Neirynck (6d) 10 times belgian champion & French open champion 2020
  • In French or in English:
    - Cours particuliers: 30€/ 1h cours.
    In French:
    - Cours essai 25€/ personne pour deux semaines
    - Adhésion à la ligue Go School en ligne (http://goschool.fr/index.php/cours-en-ligne/)
    1 cours + 1 partie + 1 commentaire de partie par semaine pendant 1 mois (5 semaines): 75€ - ou 200€ / 3 mois.

  • Christopher Annachachibi (1d ffg/2d fbg) - Fulgurogo
  • In French or in English:
    - Commentaires de parties individuelles: 1h (1 partie) 20€ ou 1h30 (2 parties) 25€
    In French:
    - Commentaires de parties petit groupe (max 5-6 personnes): 2h30 (3-4 parties) 75€ (15€/personne)
    Les sessions sont interactives (on peut poser des questions directement), via Discord pour le vocal, KGS ou OGS pour les parties.
    voir aussi https://www.youtube.com/user/FulguroGo: vidéos théoriques, parties commentées tous niveaux jusqu’à Dan

  • Kim Ouweleen (4d) - Murugandi
  • In Dutch or in English:
    - Individual lessons for €20 per hour.
    Choice between playing a game with review or reviewing an existing game record (either live or via sgf file)
    - Group lessons (3 to 6 people) for €15 per person per hour.
    Content adapted to the preference of the participants: game commentaries, discussion on a specific topic (fuseki, joseki, problem solving), etc.
    Preferred platform is KGS. OGS also possible. Skype or Discord or without voice chat
    See also for posters or postcards of go-art, at Murugandi's Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/murugandi.

  • Mateusz Surma's online Go School
  • Guo Juan's online Go School
  • Hwang In-seong's online Go School
Источник: https://www.gofed.be/node/1188
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learn to play go online free

: Learn to play go online free

Learn to play go online free
Learn to play go online free
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learn to play go online free

Go-Playing Programs

This is a list of computer programs that learn to play go online free go. These are distinct from Go Clients, which allow a human to play go using a computer. For other types of programs and software that don't play, see Go Programs. A computer program playing online is called a "bot" or "gobot".


Current programs - professional strength

Note that versions available for sale are typically older and weaker than the program's current state.

  • AlphaGo -- (unreleased) -- First program to beat a professional in an even game on 19x19.
  • AQ -- (open source) -- Professional level Tensor trained bot for Linux and Windows.
  • BensonDarr (Phoenix Go) -- (open source) -- Very strong AI playing on Fox; developed by Tencent based on the AlphaGo Zero paper.
  • CGI -- (unreleased) -- Reached 10-dan on Foxwq server.
  • CrazyStone -- (Windows or iOS, commercial) -- 2007 Computer Olympiad runner-up, 2013 Computer Go UEC Cup. In 2018 briefly topped the CGOS ratings list. [ext] Crazy Sensei is its browser-based version. Estimated 5d skill level for Pro version with analysis capability.
  • DolBaram? -- (unreleased) -- Written by Korean programmer Lim Jaebum (whose program Baduki competed in the FOST cup in 1998)
  • ELF OpenGo -- (open source) -- Very strong AI made by Facebook. The neural net itself can be converted to run on the Leela Zero engine. Can be integrated with computer software Lizzie or run on iOS program A Master of Go (commerical)
  • FineArt -- (unreleased) -- Professional level program created by the Chinese company Tencent in 2016. Dec 2017 AI Ryusei champion.
  • Golaxy -- (Electronic physical goban, commercial) Strong Chinese program available through kibabaduk@naver.com. The interface supports English and the goban is able to beat pros giving them a handicap. It lights up the intersection on which to play the AI's stone. Also available to play on the Online Go Server occasionally (weaker?), as well as commercially through the website 19x19.com in China. Supports variable komi.
  • KataGo -- (Windows, Linux) Strong bot capable of playing handicap games.
  • Leela Zero -- (Windows, open source, can compile for Mac and Linux) -- Community-based deep learning project replicating ideas of AlphaGo Zero.
  • Master of Go -- (iOS, commercial) -- Powerful interface for deploying superhuman strength go neural networks with Leela Zero and ELF OpenGo weights included.
  • Zen (go program) -- (Windows, commercial) -- 2009-2013 Computer Olympiad champion, 2011-2014 Computer Go UEC Learn to play go online free champion, also known as DeepZen?.


Current programs - other


Programs of Historic Interest

  • Acornsoft Go -- (BBC Micro; emulators available) -- Abandonware, 1984
  • AmiGoGtp -- (Windows, Linux) -- Free. Older program, ported from Pascal
  • GNU Go -- (GNU/Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS) -- Free, 2003, 2006 Computer Olympiad champion
  • Go++ -- (Windows) -- Commercial, 2002 Computer Olympiad champion learn to play go online free
    • Tensai Go (Strongest Go) -- (Windows) -- play free online or purchase, a version of Go++
  • GoAhead -- (German)
  • Goemate (was Handtalk) -- (DOS, Windows), 2005 Computer Olympiad champion
  • Go Intellect -- (Macintosh), 2004 Computer Olympiad champion
  • Goliath -- (Windows, Macintosh)
  • Go Professional II (now sold as Go++)
  • Haruka -- Japan
  • IndiGo -- (Windows, Linux)
  • Katsunari -- (13x13; Windows)
  • MAGOG -- (9x9)
  • Many Faces of Go -- (Windows) -- Commercial, 2008 Computer Olympiad champion, see also IgoWin - 9x9 --Free -- (Windows) and ** iGo Sensei (Mac) as well as Cosmos, G2 and Go Simulator
  • Nemesis and [ext] http://www.gophergo.com/pages/nemesisgo.htm -- (Windows, Macintosh) -- Commercial from Bruce Wilcox
  • Riscigo -- a dedicated computer project by Bruce Wilcox
  • SilverStar (KCC Igo) -- -- (Windows) -- Commercial. Japanese language. 2003-2006 Gifu Challenge champion
  • Star of Poland -- one of the first strong programs
  • Steenvreter -- (Android,Linux) -- Research, 2007 Computer Olympiad 9x9 champion, 2011 Computer Olympiad 19x19 runner-up
  • Valkyria -- (Windows) 2010 European Champion on 9x9
  • Wulu[ext] http://soft.mycom.co.jp/wulu5.html -- Commercial,(Windows, Japanese) 2000 World Computer Go Champion


Other programs

  • 3D Tashoku?[ext] http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~keenan/Projects/3DTashokuGo/ -- (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) -- Free, Open Source; 3D play with multiple colors and arbitrary topology
  • AIGO -- (Palm OS) -- Shareware
  • AUGOS -- (Windows, DOS)
  • COSUMI -- web-based, targeted at beginners
  • Dariush -- (Windows) bars near tiaa bank field Free
  • Disco?[ext] http://shed-skin.blogspot.com/2009/08/disco-elegant-python-go-player-update.html -- UCT player in 400 lines of Python (~1520 on CGOS 9x9)
  • dpcgoban?[ext] http://dpc.wikidot.com/lab:dpcgoban -- J2ME (mobile bluetooth multiplayer/hotseat)
  • ergo?[ext] https://github.com/CurtisHughey/ergo -- MCTS go program that plays on KGS
  • Ego [ext] http://webpages.charter.net/suewilcox/ego.htm by Bruce Wilcox
  • Erica -- Developed as part of a research project, 2010 Computer Olympiad champion
  • Go81, [ext] Go169 -- (Palm OS, Windows) -- Free
  • HactarGo -- (Android) -- including AI for atari-go/capture-go
  • Hikaru no Go GBA and Hikaru No Go/GBA Two -- (Game Boy Advance?)
  • InFlightGo -- Playable on aircraft entertainment systems
  • Iomrascalai -- by Ujh
  • matilda -- for Linux[ext] https://github.com/gonmf/matilda
  • minigo -- (9x9; Linux) tiny program, about 170 lines of C code.
  • MoGo -- (Linux,Windows, engine only) -- University research, introduced UCT, 2007 Computer Olympiad champion
  • MyGoFriend Commercial, available as 9x9, 2010 Computer Olympiad 9x9 champion
  • Neuron
  • Nio learn to play go online free -- (9x9)
  • Oakfoam -- [ext] http://oakfoam.com free and iPad version
  • Orego -- [ext] https://sites.google.com/a/lclark.edu/drake/research/orego well documented example in Java
  • Peter's Go -- (Windows)
  • Pilot Go -- (Palm OS)
  • SimpleGo -- (OS independent / Python)
  • SlugGo -- (Macintosh cluster) -- University research, cluster of GnuGos
  • SmartGo -- (Windows) -- Commercial
  • Stop[ext] http://www.vanheusden.com/stop -- (Java so runs on windows, linux, macos x)
  • TurboGo -- (DOS, Windows) -- Shareware
  • WinHonte -- (Windows) -- Shareware -- Early user of neural nets
  • GoPlayingProgramsOnConsoles
  • MarcosGo? -- [ext] https://github.com/MarcosPividori/Go-player


Go Playing Programs, playing on go servers:

Many different programs play on KGS on a constant basis. See KGSBots for a list of bots playing there. Of course, bots can also be found on other servers such as DGS or OGS.


GUIs for Go-playing programs

These programs can be used as graphical front-end to any Go-AI, that support GTP and/or GMP. Some of them have other features, like IGS/NNGS-client or SGF-viewer and -editor, too:

see Go client for a complete and more up to date list.

  • Drago : Windows editor/replayer interfaced with GTP engines
  • GoGui : In Java?. Has many features useful to Go program developers.
  • Quarry : An open-source GTP 2 client and SGF editor.
  • Sente Goban : An OS X editor and client that includes GnuGo.
  • SmartGo : Supports GTP.
  • Sabaki : Front end Learn to play go online free for playing go with support for GTP engines.
  • Katrain -- (Windows, Linux) GUI for katago with adjustable strength settings from 18 kyu to >9p.


Related Links

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American Go Association

Posted: (9 days ago) Available for Purchase The following are programs you can purchase on the internet from a vendor of go products, or in many cases directly from the author. These tend to be the most user friendly programs. 1. Crazy Stone: A strong go playing engines. Available for PC, iOS, and Android. 2. Many Faces of Go: Purchase David F… Graphical User Interfaces 1. GoRilla: GoRilla is a freeware Windows product that loads, edits, and stores SGF files. 2. KaTrain: A graphical user interface paired with KataGo that works out of the box to play and analyze games with the bot. 3. Lizzie: A analysis program that is a useful graphical interface for LeelaZero, KataGo, or Pachi. 4… Bots The following are programs you can download for free to play against or analyze previously played games. Some work well on a variety of platforms. Typically, a graphical user interface is needed learn to play go online free work well. 1. GnuGo: An open source go program. 2. KataGo: A strong bot, that can correctly analyze handic…

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