nathan for you claw of shame

Nathan for You is an American docu-reality comedy television series starring comedian Nathan Fielder. The series was co-created by Fielder and premiered on. S1 E7:Claw of Shame Watch the full episode online. Nathan performs a daring escape in which he risks a fate that is truly worse than death;. Buy Nathan For You: Season 1 Episode 7 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. The Claw of Shame. Apr 11, 2013. Season-only.
nathan for you claw of shame
nathan for you claw of shame

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nathan for you

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nathan for you2015-12-11 04:56:29 Post No. 63524961
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nathan for youAnonymous2015-12-11 04:56:29Post No. 63524961 [Report]



Anonymous2015-12-11 04:58:36 Post No.63525014
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Anonymous2015-12-11 04:58:36 Post No.63525014 [Report]

God-tier episode, might be even better than Claw of Shame.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:02:22 Post No.63525096

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:02:22 Post No.63525096 [Report] midland states bank routing number rockford il

May have been my favorite episode.

I fucking wish they were hour long though, but I guess that is a sign of a good show.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:02:37 Post No.63525106

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:02:37 Post No.63525106 [Report]

i agree, i want to see a follow up on it after the airing of this episode though.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:03:08 Post No.63525120
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:03:08 Post No.63525120 [Report]

My body is ready

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:04:43 Post No.63525157

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:04:43 Post No.63525157 [Report]

How does Corey feel right now?

I feel bad for him because he doesn't have any black friends named Jasmine on facebook

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:04:55 Post No.63525161

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:04:55 Post No.63525161 heartland bank and trust company washington il first united mortgage online payment [Report]

>tfw he's 1 year younger than you but looks like 10 older

feels okay.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:05:11 Post No.63525165
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:05:11 Post No.63525165 [Report]

when is season 4 gonna start lads

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:06:37 Post No.63525200

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:06:37 Post No.63525200 [Report]

I think I'm actually gonna buy a summit ice jacket. I never thought I could feel so attached to anything in my perpetual depressive state but this show gives me hope in life.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:07:57 Post No.63525217
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:07:57 Post No.63525217 [Report]

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:09:40 Post No.63525245

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:09:40 Post No.63525245 [Report]

>we love you

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:11:05 Post No.63525278
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:11:05 Post No.63525278 [Report]

Buy it goy

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:13:07 Post Nathan for you claw of shame 05:13:07 Post No.63525319 nathan for you claw of shame [Report]


Neither of them really seem the type to get right on FB. Don't worry, I'm sure they're just taking it slow.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:15:45 Post No.63525387

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:15:45 Post No.63525387 [Report]


new episode brehs

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:19:19 Post No.63525478

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:19:19 Post No.63525478 [Report]

What's his Facebook?

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:19:51 Post No.63525493

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:19:51 Post No.63525493 [Report]

>Nathan gave him all that pride only to take it all away if Corey hasn't confessed to hid grandparents already

I'm ready for Season 4 Nathan, Destroyer of Life

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:21:53 Post No.63525539

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:21:53 Post No.63525539 [Report]

Am I the only person who has to pause shop online with checking account number show every few minutes because it's so cringe-worthy / awkward?

I mean, the entire scene after Nathan switches with the real Cory after the tightrope is just so fucking insane. Nathan's "Cory" had completely different hair and a ugly / fat messed up face, how can she not tell the difference?

God damn, this show is just so fucking insane on so many levels, and I love it so much.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:23:07 Post No.63525566

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:23:07 Post No.63525566 [Report]

Hi, it's me, Maddy
So sorry I died, but I'm in heaven now. I love it here

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:24:04 Post No.63525592

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:24:04 Post No.63525592 [Report]

>He hated his dog's voice.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:24:38 Post No.63525604

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:24:38 Post No.63525604 [Report]

Nathan has said he wants to do episodes abroad in the future. That would be incredible. I'd like to see a Nathan For You episode in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. I also wouldn't mind more episodes where Nathan becomes a life coach instead of a business consultant.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:27:51 Post No.63525675

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:27:51 Post No.63525675 [Report]

I'd love some episodes where he checks back on federal reserve bank services routing number lookup clients
An hour long special

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:27:53 Post No.63525678

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:27:53 Post No.63525678 [Report]

ISIS thought my idea was great

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:29:50 Post No.63525728

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:29:50 Post No.63525728 [Report]

this show is cringeworthy in a good way

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:30:46 Post No.63525757

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:30:46 Post No.63525757 [Report]

Speaking of, I'm sure that James guy's Santa career is ruined by now

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:31:55 Post No.63525782

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:31:55 Post No.63525782 [Report]

>All those videos of them killing people is just one long con by Nathan

Diabolical mastermind

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:32:04 Post No.63525786
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:32:04 Post No.63525786 [Report]

Here's the pictures that Nathan took for Corey's dating profile while he was disguised as Corey

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:09 Post No.63525813
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:09 Post No.63525813 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:46 Post No.63525827

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:46 Post No.63525827 [Report]

I enjoy how nathan did absolutely nothing to improve his life, besides have the plot against america first edition describe his pathetic life on national television.

I think he might of made his life actually worse.

He had his description as 'part time arcade attendant' nathan is savage and cold as fuck.

Serious question, is nathan a sociopath?

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:59 Post No.63525829

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:33:59 Post No.63525829 [Report]

You can really see how bad the make up was here

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:34:11 Post No.63525833
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:34:11 Post No.63525833 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 05:35:31 Post No.63525870

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:35:31 Post No.63525870 how to open a student account at chase [Report]

I wish I could watch this show without sweating

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:35:59 nathan for you claw of shame nathan for you claw of shame Post No.63525881

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:35:59 Post No.63525881 [Report]

how'd you find these?
probably desu. the way he manipulated that black girl was cold af too. i guarantee he doesn't play the sims. and he set up their relationship to fail with the i love you, and the huge lie ofc, it's funny but still.

and those episodes where he convinced a kid not to be an astrounaut, and called the others babies.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:36:18 Post No.63525886

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:36:18 Post No.63525886 [Report]

At least to me, the sheer effort gone into the whole affair would overshadow the tightrope thing being fake

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:38:29 Post No.63525934

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:38:29 Post No.63525934 [Report]

coolbeanscorey89 on okcupid

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:39:47 Post No.63525960

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:39:47 Post No.63525960 [Report]

You want to start the Islamic apocalypse, but your approach so far--just doesn't appeal to the modern youth.

My idea is, we take all the victims of ISIS--and film their executions in creative ways.

The Plan: Film fun & creative executions to attract new followers.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:40:54 Post No.63525984
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:40:54 Post No.63525984 best mortgage refinance rates in texas [Report]

why does nathan always pick on black girls?

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:42:02 Post No.63526003

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:42:02 Post No.63526003 [Report]

Picks on black guys to: see Dumb Starbucks & The Movement

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:42:05 Post No.63526005

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:42:05 Post No.63526005 [Report]

I'd like to SWOT that idea.

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:56:05 Post No.63526263
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:56:05 Post No.63526263 [Report] nathan for you claw of shame

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:56:33 Post No.63526275

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:56:33 Post No.63526275 [Report]


his actual eyes are more squinted

Anonymous2015-12-11 05:57:10 Post No.63526280
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Anonymous2015-12-11 05:57:10 Post No.63526280 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 06:00:49 Post No.63526346

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:00:49 Post No.63526346 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 06:04:10 Post No.63526430

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:04:10 Post No.63526430 [Report]

>But what if we could create an artificial economy based on the creation amazon driver jobs ct sharing of frog-based reaction images?
>/r9k/ LOVED my idea.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:06:31 Post No.63526481

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:06:31 Post No.63526481 [Report]

Go back to reddit, nathan for you claw of shame dumb cunts. What an unfunny kike.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:07:34 Post No.63526498

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:07:34 Post No.63526498 [Report]

sometimes I pause it and walk between my kitchen and couch four times because it makes me anxious

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:11:53 Post No.63526586
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Anonymous2015-12-11 06:11:53 Post No.63526586 [Report]

>browses reddit unironically
>tells anonymous posters on a mandalorian basket weaving board to go back to reddit

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:16:30 Post No.63526674

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:16:30 Post No.63526674 [Report]


whew lads, i almost had a fit

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:17:38 Post No.63526703

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:17:38 Post No.63526703 [Report]

that could be the last nathan for you episode we ever see

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:20 Post No.63526719

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:20 Post No.63526719 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:36 Post No.63526724

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:36 Post No.63526724 [Report]

it was renewed for another season

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:58 Post No.63526730
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Anonymous2015-12-11 06:18:58 Post No.63526730 [Report]

Just saw 2 episodes right now. Had a couple of good chuckles but

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:20:02 Post No.63526745

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:20:02 Post No.63526745 [Report]

>people actually think it's 100% real

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:03 Post No.63526771

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:03 Post No.63526771 [Report]

whats to get?

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:06 Post No.63526773

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:06 Post No.63526773 [Report]

>grandma, grandpa, this is jasmine
>grandma:*delayed response* hi jasmine

this show will win an emmy

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:06 Post No.63526774

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:21:06 Post No.63526774 [Report]

He's showing us that ordinary average people will do anything-- ANYTHING-- that he asks of them, so long as they get to be filmed and televised and made famous.


Anonymous2015-12-11 06:23:41 Post No.63526839

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:23:41 Post No.63526839 [Report]


So is it staged? Are they actors?

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:24:55 Post No.63526868
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Anonymous2015-12-11 06:24:55 Post No.63526868 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 06:24:55 wells fargo financial card payment Post No.63526869

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:24:55 Post No.63526869 [Report]

No and no.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:25:29 Post No.63526879

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:25:29 Post No.63526879 [Report]

I don't know
some things look obviously staged but some moments don't because you can the discomfort

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:26:19 Post No.63526900

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:26:19 Post No.63526900 [Report]

No. It's reality tv. There are a few recurring characters that pop up once a season that are aware its a comedy show but the first episode they appeared on even they weren't in on the joke. I suspect most people realize something's up right away, and a lot of stuff like that is edited out.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:27:27 Post No.63526922

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:27:27 Post No.63526922 [Report]

It is you fool. Why is it so inconceivable to you that people found on a craigslist page are weird and/or desperate?

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:30:30 Post No.63526994

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:30:30 Post No.63526994 [Report] nathan for you claw of shame

Anyone else bummed out? That ep hit too close to home desu laddys

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:32:13 Post No.63527037

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:32:13 Post No.63527037 [Report]

corey wasn't an absolute NEET

he wasn't really hopeless, he never was.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:33:47 Post No.63527072

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:33:47 Post No.63527072 [Report]

His parents are rich too judging by their house.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:36:15 Post No.63527130

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:36:15 Post No.63527130 [Report]

Corey was a failed normie desu

>below average face but a lot of potential for improvement
>a bit chubby, could get in shape easily if he tried
>great hair for someone his age
>love and support of his family
>family had money
>kissed a girl before

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:41:08 Post No.63527234

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:41:08 Post No.63527234 [Report]

I think he was just looking for the right face.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:42:15 Post No.63527259

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:42:15 Post No.63527259 [Report]

wtf, I literally do the exact same thing.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:46:06 Post No.63527344

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:46:06 Post No.63527344 [Report]

I never cringed watching this show I just burst out laughing when something really awkward happens

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:49:20 Post No.63527410

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:49:20 Post No.63527410 [Report]

that fake face was too fucking funny. he looked nothing like him. the obvious difference in the hair cracked me up.

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:58:09 Post No.63527582

Anonymous2015-12-11 06:58:09 Post No.63527582 [Report]

underrated reply desu

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:03:51 Post No.63527685

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:03:51 Post No.63527685 [Report]

what do you guys think of the finale I'm catching up right now?

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:05:41 Post No.63527730

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:05:41 Post No.63527730 [Report]

He was playing smash bros; would hang out with

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:12:37 Post No.63527869

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:12:37 Post No.63527869 office of real estate appraisers [Report]

easily top three.

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:13:09 Post No.63527883

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:13:09 Post No.63527883 [Report]

kek. This was an awesome finale and season

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:15:53 Post No.63527931
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Anonymous2015-12-11 07:15:53 Post No.63527931 [Report]

I fucking love him, I started watching it when season 3 began, watched the first 2 seasons in 2 days and been following the new episodes of the 3rd season weekly. This is one of my favorite shows by now.
Thank you based Nathan

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:22:23 Post No.63528023

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:22:23 Post No.63528023 [Report]

no, but after they finish shooting I'm pretty sure he tells them about his show otherwise there would be a lot of pissed people and lawsuits

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:24:44 Post No.63528057

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:24:44 Post No.63528057 [Report]

It's a motivator!

Why do people hate Jews?

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:29:47 Post No.63528147
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Anonymous2015-12-11 07:29:47 Post No.63528147 [Report]

Nathan confirmed one of us

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:32:16 nathan for you claw of shame Post No.63528175

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:32:16 Post No.63528175 [Report] duke energy pay my bill nc

first time I saw the reveal of that pic I laughed for five minutes straight

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:32:23 Post No.63528178
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Anonymous2015-12-11 07:32:23 Post No.63528178 [Report]

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:33:04 Post No.63528189

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:33:04 Post No.63528189 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 07:36:33 Post No.63528241

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:36:33 Post No.63528241 [Report]

>don't worry we killed the man in the hotel
>now coreys grandparents can feel safe again

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:39:23 Post No.63528291

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:39:23 Post No.63528291 [Report] pnc bank credit card account

Nathan is acting

everyone else is not

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:40:03 Post No.63528300

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:40:03 Post No.63528300 nathan for you claw of shame [Report]

this t b h

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:44:25 Post No.63528359

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:44:25 Post No.63528359 [Report]

>Nathan has a bit part in The Night Before
>the star of the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also stars in the walk but explicitly states in interviews that he was never more than twenty feet in the air when tight rope walking
Does anyone else think Nathan set this entire thing up just to one up JGL and be able to say he actually walked across a tight rope eighty feet in the air?

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:48:02 Post No.63528410

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:48:02 Post No.63528410 [Report]

>when I decided I wanted to transform someone's life I knew I needed a person who was beyond hopeless

Well, here come the feels.

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:56:47 Post No.63528512

Anonymous2015-12-11 07:56:47 Post No.63528512 [Report]

holy shit i just watched the final nathan fielder is a god tier troll

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:00:18 Post No.63528554

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:00:18 Post No.63528554 [Report]

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:14:55 Post No.63528754
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Anonymous2015-12-11 08:14:55 Post No.63528754 [Report] bmo harris credit card online banking


Anonymous2015-12-11 08:21:57 Post No.63528858

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:21:57 Post No.63528858 [Report]

Do you think the real Corey fugged the negress?

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:23:08 Post No.63528877
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Anonymous2015-12-11 08:23:08 Post No.63528877 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 08:24:22 Post No.63528893

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:24:22 Post No.63528893 [Report]

just finished it, fucking bravo

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:25:16 Post No.63528907

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:25:16 Post No.63528907 [Report]

Why are all the black chicks in this show so fucking cute, guys?

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:28:22 Post No.63528958

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:28:22 Post No.63528958 [Report]

Because you have low standards anon. She was average at best and the body would have looked like shit with clothes off.

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:28:47 Post No.63528962
[Report] Image search: [Google]

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:28:47 Post No.63528962 [Report]


Anonymous2015-12-11 08:34:49 Post No.63529070

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:34:49 Post No.63529070 [Report]

Who is best Nathanfu and why is it Best Buy girl?

Anonymous2015-12-11 08:37:04 Post No.63529109
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Anonymous2015-12-11 08:37:04 Post No.63529109 [Report]


The 5 Best Pranks From 'Nathan For You'

Comedy Central's Nathan For You is well into its second season, but it has really only recently come into the spotlight because of its Dumb Starbucks stunt. For those who don't know, the show is a spoof of business revamping reality shows like Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Nathan Fielder acts as the host, a man whose credentials are advertised as getting pretty good grades at a Canadian business school, who comes up with crazy ideas for businesses to become more successful. Dumb Starbucks came to prominence before the episode even aired when the referential café opened up to consternation in Los Angeles. The premise was that a failing café could capitalize on the success of Starbucks under the protection of parody law.

However, there's a lot of gold on the show besides the Dumb Starbucks episode. Some have criticized Fielder for being cruel to the unsuspecting business owners and other individuals with whom he interacts. However, I feel that his persona provides a sharp satire of condescending (and perhaps under-qualified) reality TV hosts. Many of the people he interacts with are portrayed as kind, if a little trusting. In these hilarious pranks, it's usually Nathan's character, not the show's guests, who are the butt of the joke.

Nathan interviews for a job with the brain of 7-year-old boy

In which a teen stars on the imaginary Teen Street:

Do you remember when this completely fake video went viral?

Nathan risks the "Claw Of Shame"

A liquor store gets some underage customers, which he later discovers is "extremely illegal

Nathan For You will return for Season 3 next year.


Comedy Central and the New Mockumentary: How ‘Nathan For You’ and ‘Review’ are Changing the Game

Comedy Central is revising reality. A fixture of mainstream comedy since “This is Spinal Tap,” the mockumentary format allows the judgement-free camera to let Michael Scott and Nigel Tufnel embarrass themselves on their own. But with “Nathan For You,” which enters its second season on July 1st, and the recently renewed “Review,” the network is showing viewers that there’s more to mockumentaries than confessionals and handheld cameras. By testing the rules of reality television, “Nathan For You” and “Review” have become two of TV’s smartest nathan for you claw of shame forget about “The Office” — these shows are not your typical mockumentaries. On “Nathan For You,” our host Nathan Fielder (the entrepreneur behind “Dumb Starbucks“) offers marketing advice to struggling businesses a la Gordon Ramsey. “Review,” a remake of an Australian series, follows Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly), who’s the star of a fake documentary about a man who reviews life experiences. Unlike “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation,” which adapt the mockumentary for the sitcom format, these shows don’t use their documentary crews as window dressing — they make them the joke. “Nathan for You” and “Review” play on our expectations of reality television, then follow segments to logical and hilarious conclusions which expose the genre’s inherent insincerity.

With the first season of his titular show, for example, Nathan Fielder has redefined the prank show. Unlike “Jackass” or Tom Green, Fielder helps people, but while he gives them ideas that seem like pranks (legalized shoplifting for attractive customers, poo-flavored frozen yogurt), these methods are surprisingly effective. People either trust or pity Fielder’s blank and baritone sales pitches — at least enough to give these suggestions a try. 

Anyone who’s listened to the dialogue of “Kitchen Nightmares” knows that this is far from reality. Usually, people are provoked and disparate events are edited together to create drama, but with “Nathan for You,” it’s done in a seamless manner. Because while reality TV shows are stitched together to appear as though they happened in real time, this is not Nathan’s approach. Rather than hiding his attempts to alter the plot, he makes it part of the show. 

For example, when mall executives find out that Nathan’s Santa for a “Christmas In July” promotion is an ex-con, Nathan must re-group and attempt to sneak Santa into the food court without either security or Santa knowing that there’s a problem. In the episode “Gas Station,” he offers a cheap gas prices after rebate, a deal that can only be claimed at the top of a mountain. Believing no one is stupid enough to take the bait, Nathan must change the prank when people attempt to cash in, adding harder challenges at the last second to keep them from their prize. He has to regain control of his show when reality goes off script.

“Nathan For You” derives comedy from the overt phoniness of reality television through a variety of genres: We see the macho bounty hunter show when he attempts to get a private eye his first 5-star Yelp review, and in “Claw of Shame,” Nathan doubles up, combining “To Catch a Predator” consequences with David Blaine theatrics. There’s “The Hunk,” which sees Nathan staging a “Bachelor”-esque dating show to help him overcome his fears and talk to women. He even takes a couple of shots at MTV lifestyle shows with “Teen Beat,” which is shot like an episode of “Pimp My Ride.” 

Nathan and his writing staff, which includes “Bob’s Burgers”’ Dan Mintz and “Saturday Night Live”‘s Kyle Mooney (whose knack for awkwardly staged videos feels right at home in the show’s stiff direction), dance from style to style with ease, subverting each type of reality show in the process. But unlike most reality TV, Nathan’s stunts end amicably. His “Hunk” contestants support him for overcoming his social anxieties, and that private detective who once called Nathan “the wizard of loneliness” agrees to a beer with him. “Nathan for You” is conflict averse. There’s no “I’m not here to make friends.” In fact, the show frequently mentions how starved for connection Nathan is.

Such is not the case for “Review,” which, despite its overt darkness, was renewed for a second season a few weeks ago. Host Forrest MacNeil tests life experiences, such as stealing, racism, eating 15 pancakes and being Batman, to help understand himself and the human carters com creditcard better. But in his enthusiasm and commitment to knowledge, the show creates a story arc for Forrest in the background: His show is ruining his life.

Forrest’s discipline leads to addiction, divorce, death, and complete mental collapse, all while he attempts to remain the impervious host. Reality television shows us real life in a fixed world, but Forrest’s life continues after the segments end. So when he reviews “Racism” in the first episode, you can still feel the aftershocks episodes later. This is because, thanks to the show, Forrest forces a narrative onto his community, creating a relationship of cause and effect that runs throughout the season. After all, his African-American neighbor isn’t just going nathan for you claw of shame forgive Forrest because they’re on TV.

“Review”’s best moments happen when Forrest must power through the consequences of his harder emotional challenges to complete the most pointless ones. In the triptych “Pancakes; Divorce; Pancakes,” Forrest must do something stupid (eat 15 pancakes), something that will ruin his life (divorce his wife), and something stupid again (eat 30 pancakes). These segments happen chronologically, so Forrest feels the pancakes when he goes through the divorce and feels the divorce when he eats more pancakes. But it doesn’t end there. Divorce proceedings interrupt the following episode’s review of Batman; after he embarrasses himself by showing up to court dressed as Batman, he returns to the review, a changed man, one whose pain and thirst for revenge makes him a more convincing Batman. Reality doesn’t stop for reality television.

“Nathan For You” and “Review” are far more self-reflexive, thanks to the mockumentary format: Nathan subverts what a prank show can be and “Review” treats reality TV as reality, following the host home and seeing what his life looks like. The line between reality and reality TV lives at the heart of these shows. And with Nathan’s pranks spilling over into the real world with Twitter pranks and the aforementioned “Dumb Starbucks,” we’ll see on July 1st how blurry that line can become.

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Nathan for You ratings (TV show, 2013-2017)


Nathan for You
Rank563 / 21,316
GenresDocumentary, Comedy
Total votes18,994
Average votes594
Average rating8.7 / 10

In this docu-reality comedy, Nathan Fielder uses his business degree and life experiences to help real small businesses turn a profit. But because of his unorthodox approach, Nathan's genuine efforts to do good often draw real people into an experience far beyond what they signed up for.

Directors: Nathan FielderWriters: Adam Locke-Norton, Kyle Mooney, Leo Allen, Nathan Fielder

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Series / Nathan for You

"The Reason You Suck" Speech: Most of Nathan's clients try to be tactful and polite when they tell him they don't like an idea, but the outdoor retailer to whom Nathan pitched the Holocaust-themed Summit Ice display was very vocal in his disapproval.

I have no faith in your competence in this business. I have no faith in your judgment whatsoever. The only thing I know about your judgment santander customer service number uk free that it's.doesn't exist.

  • He also got one from Elle, the Best Buy employee in "Electronics Store" :

That's really weird that you'd take someone on a date and then ask them, "Hey, dude, like, why don't we sue Best Buy?" For all I know, you're crazy.

Nathan: You shouldn't be laughing right now.

Jonathan: No, but you're so weird.

Nathan: No, Jonathan, I'm not weird.

Jonathan: You are crazy.

Nathan: No, I'm normal. I teach people lessons when they do something wrong.

Jonathan: You're very manipulative and conniving, and I don't like it.

  • Nathan's Heel Realization in "Dumb Starbucks" comes after Elias, the coffee shop owner he initially was trying to help, told him off.

My friends don't hire lawyers to come and sign contracts.My friends don't have cameras and lights and lawyers. And producers. That's not how you establish a friendship.


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Nathan For You - The Claw of Shame
nathan for you claw of shame

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