capital one credit card services customer service

Learn more about Home Depot commercial credit cards, consumer credit cards, at or at the Special Services Desk in The Home. American Express ranks highest in customer satisfaction among national issuers, with a score of 838. Discover (837) ranks second and Capital One. The Bank offers checking accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, insurance, payment protection, phone banking, bill pay, lending, and online banking services.
capital one credit card services customer service
capital one credit card services customer service

Confessions of credit card customer service reps

Credit card customer service reps are your first point of contact when you have a question or need something from your credit m night shyamalan in his own movies issuer. But how much power do they really have? Does it help to ask for a supervisor? Is there anything you can say to increase your chances of getting what you want? tracked down five former or current real-life credit card customer service reps to find answers. (It wasn’t easy because many call centers are offshore, and banks have strict rules about talking to the media.) Here, their true confessions about what it’s really like to work in a credit card call center and their best insider tricks for getting what you want from your credit card company:

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1. We get a bonus if we get you off the phone quickly.

You’ll win points with us if you say right away why you’re calling. We’re tracked – and rewarded – based on how fast we get you off the phone. Goals vary based on the bank (three minutes is common), but shorter is always better. We also get punished if we put you on hold for too long. In addition to monthly cash incentives, some banks give out daily incentives – such as a $5 cash gift card – to the person with the shortest call times.

2. We are on the hook to sell you products.

We are all under pressure to upsell, whether it’s credit card protection, credit monitoring or balance transfers. We often have daily, weekly or monthly quotas, and we get rewarded if we hit those sales goals with bonuses and other incentives. “I hated it,” said John Walko, a former customer service rep at a Bank of America call center. “You call just to ask a question, and I’m trying to keep you on the phone to sell you something. I tried not to push it, but the boss would listen to my calls, and I’d get dinged if I had too many calls in a row where I didn’t make a balance transfer or credit protection pitch.”

3. We have no control over your interest rate.

Banks make decisions about your interest rate and credit limit based on your credit and payment history, not how nicely you ask. “We put your information into the computer and it tells us if we can offer you a lower interest rate,” said a former Capital One rep who left the job in 2013. “You either qualify or not. There’s no point in begging.”

4. It’s easy for us to waive that late fee – just ask.

Most of us have a surprising amount of discretion to refund over-limit fees, finance charges, non-bank ATM fees, returned payment fees and, especially, late fees. Just make sure you say, “Can you please remove this fee?” because some banks have a policy of not offering unless you explicitly ask. “At Chase, our policy is to waive one late fee every six months,” said a Chase card rep. “It’s as simple as click and look.” We may have the power to waive more than one fee in that time period for a customer who has a particularly good excuse, but we’ll get a slap on the wrist if we do that too often.

You call just to ask a question and I’m trying to keep you on the phone to sell you something.

5. It is possible to get your annual fee waived (at some banks).

Some banks allow reps to do capital one credit card services customer service, some don’t, and it may depend on which card you have. “We could waive the annual fee on some cards, but the company tracked us to see how often we did it, and we’d get in trouble if our numbers were too high,” Walko said. “My advice? Keep calling until you get the right rep, and be extra nice. Tell us how long you’ve been a customer. Share a personal situation if you have one. But don’t go on and on, because we’re being timed.”

6. The worst callers make us cry.

“I saw more people cry at the call center (including grown men) than I’ve ever seen anywhere,” the former Capital One rep said. “I was a manager listening in when one of our new reps got berated by a man because she couldn’t waive a fee for him. He went ballistic and called her some of the worst names I’ve ever heard. She quit in a week.” (Turnover in the industry is exceptionally high.)

7. If you’re abusive, you’re branded forever.

If you’re rude or use profanity, most banks will put a note on your account that labels you a “verbally abusive caller.” “You can’t delete it,” the former Capital One rep said. “So even if it was years ago, when you call in today, every customer service rep will see that and be on guard.”

8. Your opinion can make or break my paycheck.

Most of us get paid a little more than minimum wage, but we earn bonuses based on customer reviews – the survey or email you get at end of the call. Too many bad reviews, and we get disciplined and extra training. If our numbers don’t improve, we can get fired.

9. We know when you’re lying.

We keep very detailed records showing when you’ve called, what you and the rep talked about, and what actions/resolutions were taken. So, don’t use the same excuse twice, and don’t tell us you were promised something that you weren’t.  “People will call and say, \u2018I’ve never been late my whole life and I just want you to waive the fee this once,’” a rep said. “But I can see on my screen that you had a fee waived every few months all year.”

10. My computer may tell me you’re not worth keeping as a customer.

“If I go to close your account, my computer gives you a color-coded risk score: Green means retain and red means don’t retain,” said the Chase customer service rep. “If you’re green, we can make some specific offers. We may say, ‘We’d like to show you that we value you as a customer by giving you a $50 statement credit (or 1,000 bonus points).’ But if you haven’t used your card for two years, then we’re not making money on you, so you’ll come up red. The retention tool will tell me just to ‘reinforce card benefits,’ which means I can’t offer you anything. I can only tell you what’s great about the card.”

People will call and say, ‘I’ve never been late my whole life and I just want you to waive the fee this once.’ But I can see on my screen that you had a fee waived every few months all year.

11. We dread calls from senior citizens.

Not because we don’t like them, but because they tend to do things more slowly and they like to chat, so the calls can take longer. “You’ll get an older gentleman stumbling around looking for his statements. You can hear him walking across the house saying, ‘I know I have that statement somewhere. Let me get my glasses,’” one former rep recalls. “Then he’ll say, ‘Do you hear my birds? I love my birds. I’ve had birds since I was 10 years old,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, noooo.’ You are killing my call-time bonus.”

12. Going on a racist tirade won’t help your case.

More than half of our calls are from people who are already frustrated or angry, but if you have a condescending or irritated tone, it just makes us less willing to help. “One of my most memorable calls was a customer who had a credit limit of about $600,000,” recalls one rep. “He would spend $40,000 to $50,000 a month, but pay only the minimum. I might have the numbers wrong, but what I do remember very well was that he had accrued about $10,000 in interest alone. He called to ask us to waive it all. I couldn’t do that, but I did offer to shave off $1,000 of interest as a sign of goodwill. Instead he went ballistic, talked to my supervisor (who had a thick Spanish accent), got even madder and went on a racist tirade. In the end, he didn’t get anything waived.”

13. I have no idea why your card was replaced.

If you get a new credit card with a new number because of possible fraud, “that means our bank got a report from MasterCard, Visa or AmEx that indicates your card might have been compromised,” one rep said. “But we have absolutely no way of knowing where, how or when this happened, as the networks do not disclose this to us. So save yourself a phone call.”

14. Social media threats can be effective.

“Threatening legal action can raise some eyebrows, but threatening to go on social media with your issue? That actually escalates your issue even higher capital one credit card services customer service a prompt response,” according to one rep.

15. You have no idea what kind of stress we’re under.

“With the sophisticated dialers they have, as soon as we hung up, another caller would be on the line,” said Ajay Pandya, who worked at Discover Card Services from 2001-2010. “They really manage to micro-seconds. There’s no time to breathe or take a sip of water between calls. And you can always see on the screen how many callers are waiting and the average wait time. If the numbers aren’t good, they threaten to ship your job to China or India.”

We have an escalations department for when people get angry and demand to talk to a supervisor. The only difference between them and us is that they were really good at telling people ‘no.’

17. My “supervisor” may not really be a “supervisor.”

In many cases, “supervisors” aren’t managers, but more experienced customer service reps who have better problem-handling skills. At some banks, such as Discover, “the higher you went, the more chance you had of success,” Pandya said. At other companies, talking to a supervisor rarely helps. “We have an escalations department for when people get angry and demand to talk to a supervisor,” said the former Capital One rep. “The only difference between them and us is that they were really good at telling people ‘no.’”

18. We hear from a lot of mentally ill people.

Some call us every day at the same time, to capital one credit card services customer service about their (nonexistent) credit cards. Others make threats. “People would say, ‘I put a bomb in your call center’ or ‘I know what kind of car you drive,’” Pandya recalls. “And then there were the men who tried to flirt with the women who answer, like asking what they’re wearing.”

19. Just because I have an accent doesn’t mean I’m freestar financial credit union clinton township mi it’s true that many of us are located in foreign countries, U.S.-based call centers also employ a lot of immigrants with accents. We had one guy from Malaysia, and every fourth call or so, he got a customer asking to be transferred to someone in the U.S.,” the former Capital One rep said. “No one believed him that he was in the U.S.”

20. It’s shocking how often people don’t remember what they bought.

People call all the time, outraged about fraud on their account, but once we give them more information, they realize it’s a legitimate charge. “If you’re not sure, we can give you a more detailed explanation than what you have on your statement,” the Capital One rep said.  “A lot of times I can even pull up the receipt and send you a PDF of the signature so you can to see if it’s yours.”

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capital one login

Capital One is well-known for its rapid and efficient financial services. Capital One is a targeted online banking service that provides a variety of services such as credit or debit cards, net banking, and so on. Our purpose at Capital One is to transform banking for the better by bringing compassion, innovation, and simplicity to banking in such a manner that it would create an impact. In support of our goal, the Capital One Impact Initiative promotes socioeconomic mobility by campaigning for a more inclusive society, fostering vibrant communities, and developing financial instruments that improve people's lives. It is supported by a multi-year investment of $200 million to accelerate economic growth in low- and moderate-income areas and close equity and opportunity gaps.

Capital One is on a mission to help its customers achieve by creating, modernizing, and ennobling banking. Capital One Login was established on the premise that information and technology will revolutionise the financial sector, beginning with credit card payments. Capital One Login is currently the fifth-largest consumer bank in the United States and the eighth-largest bank overall. We're creating real-time and intelligent customer experiences throughout the Capital One Login. Capital One Login gauges its performance and advocacy on the success and advocacy of its customers. Capital One Login has developed as a champion of people thanks to such ideals.

Capital One Login was created with the goal of revolutionising the banking industry. Capital One Login customers are facilitated with such modern tactics and strategies that offer them the upper hand when enabling banking services with such goals and aspirations. Capital One Login customers have access to all of the tools and instruments that are required in the twenty-first century. Members that use Grow financial credit union One Login are utilising technology that assists them in developing trading strategies at a cheap cost. These advanced technology techniques are employed not just by people, but also by many businesses to compete in today's competitive environment. Capital One Login has become the finest banking platform thanks to its fundamental philosophy of putting the customer first and security first. Because of the great tools and resources they give to its users, Capital One Login has emerged as the champion of the banking industry. Capital One Login account holders get access to features and services that no other banking site provides. Customers with Capital One Login accounts benefit from the platform's powerful capabilities like no other platform has to offer.

Capital One Login employs an integrated strategy in its operations. Capital One Login combines information technology and the internet of things with the banking sector in order to better analyse the market and individual behaviour. Capital One Login has been able to achieve the people's desire through its analysis methodologies and data collecting. Capital One Login is enabling a financially inclusive society by making the banking industry accessible to everyone and everywhere. Because of the inclusive policies of Capital One login, the downtrodden of society are also able to use the facilities of the future td bank login com capital one credit card services customer service access to the instruments that the person was deprived of.

How to Open a New Capital One login Account:

Before you begin the process of creating a new account, please make ensure that your device is linked to a secure and fast internet connection, so that there are no obstacles.

If completed! Then proceed with the instructions outlined below:

  1. Capital One login is available on both Android and iOS; download the Capital One login app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

  2. Customers must enter all of their Capital One login account information into the interface after installing the Capital One login application.

  3. Go to the Capital One login application on your smartphone.

  4. On the same screen, there will be a "Setup online access" option, click on it.

  5. You will now see a form on which you must input all your information, such as your name, SSN or ITIN number in the box and date of birth.

  6. After entering all the asked details, click "Get Started" to go to the following page.

  7. On this screen, you must now input your phone number and email address.

  8. Set a secure password for your account on the same page and never share it with anyone.

  9. You may then be required to validate your cellphone number, so as to register it with your account.

  10. To validate it, you must request a code on your smartphone

  11. To complete the verification procedure, check your email and enter the code in the box.

  12. Finally, your Capital One account will be successfully formed.

After completing the preceding steps, you are ready to begin the Capital One login procedure. Remember your user ID and password in order to avoid future login issues and do not copy it to other places. Try to memorise it to avoid any mishappenings.

Login Procedures for Capital One Account:

Step 1: Visit on your mobile device or PC.

Step 2: Navigate to the Capital One login site's login page now.

Step 3: Enter your login information accurately.

Step 4: On the same page, click the "Login" option.

After completing the above procedures, you will be able to manage your Capital One capital one credit card services customer service.

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Pros Explained

  • Competitive interest rates: Performance Savings account consistently offers a high annual percentage yield (APY).
  • Mobile banking options: The mobile app is one of the best in the banking world. On top of the typical mobile features, it also includes free credit score access and a card locking feature.
  • No monthly maintenance fees: There are no monthly maintenance fees for 360 Checking and Performance Savings accounts.

Cons Explained

  • Savings rates are never the highest: While Fedex account number canada One 360 Performance Savings account has high rates, they are never the highest on the market.
  • Few local branches: Branches are few and far between

Who Is Capital One Best For?

Capital One should appeal to consumers looking capital one credit card services customer service a full-service, online bank. It may be a good fit for customers who want to:

  • Earn a competitive APY through an online savings account
  • Not pay monthly maintenance fees
  • Do the majority of their banking online
  • Access accounts and credit score from their phone

What Does Capital One Offer?

As a full-service online bank, Capital One offers:

  • Savings accounts
  • Checking accounts
  • CDs
  • Credit cards

Savings Accounts

360 Performance Savings

Performance Savings is Capital One 360's high-yield savings account. It yields a 0.40% APR, which is higher than what many bank of america calle real banks offer, but not the highest available. Interest is earned regardless of your balance.

Performance Savings accounts come with:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly maintenance fees

Kids Savings Account

Parents who want to open a savings account for their children should check out Capital One's Kids Savings account. Perfect for kids of all ages, this account also has no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. It yields a 0.30% APY.

As a custodial account, both parents and children can access a Kids Savings account, although transfers require logging in under the parent's account. Once a child turns 18, the account is automatically converted into a 360 Savings account. first interstate bank missoula mt colspan="4">Capital One 360 Savings AccountsAccount Name Min Opening DepositMonthly FeeAPY360 Performance Savings$0$00.40%Kids Saving$0$00.30%

Checking Accounts

360 Checking

Capital One 360 also has a tiered rate interest-bearing checking account—360 Checking—which currently earns a 0.10% APY for all tiers. Features include:

  • First checkbook free
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Capital One debit Mastercard®
  • Access to over 70,000 fee-free Capital One and partner ATMs

MONEY Teen Checking

The bank's other checking account is geared toward teenagers, although children ages eight and up are eligible to open one. MONEY Teen Checking accounts come with debit card access, but no check-writing privileges. Both teens and parents can access the account. Parents can also track account activity through text alerts and email notifications.

When teens turn 18, they have the option to open a 360 Checking account and transfer the funds over from their MONEY account.

Capital One 360 Checking Accounts
Account NameMin Opening DepositMonthly FeeAPY
360 Checking $0$00.10%
MONEY Teen Checking $0$00.10%


360 CDs

CDs are available for a variety of terms ranging from six months to five years. Interest tops out at 1.00% APY, which is quite good compared to the best CD rates available right now. There is no minimum deposit required.

There is a penalty if you decided to withdraw funds, other than the interest earned, before the end of your CD term. CDs for 12-month terms or less come with a penalty of three month's interest and those with longer terms levy a penalty of six month's interest. Customers with 360 CDs choose how interest is paid, either monthly or annually. Interest is transferred to another Capital One account or another linked bank account.

Capital One 360 CD Rates
6 Month0.10%
9 Month0.10%
12 Month0.20%
18 Month0.25%
24 Month0.70%
30 Month0.70%
36 Month0.75%
48 Month0.80%
60 Month1.00%

Credit Cards

Capital One offers a wide range of credit cards including travel rewards cards, cash back cards, a student card, a secured card, and several business credit cards. Here are some of the cards available:

Travel Credit Cards

Cashback Credit Cards

Student Credit Card

Secured Credit Card

Business Credit Cards

Other Financial Products Offered by Capital One

On top of personal banking products, Capital One also has a wide array of flowers for you mount vernon ohio accounts and services including:

  • Auto loans
  • Business accounts and services
  • Commercial banking solutions

Capital One Bank Customer Service

Customer service is available in a variety of ways, including:

Customers can also track their accounts through a mobile banking app, which includes mobile deposit and bill pay features as well as access to your credit score and a card locking feature. The app has outstanding reviews, currently, a 4.8-out-of-5 on the App Store and 4.7 rating on Google Play.

How to Bank With Capital One

Capital One bank accounts are opened online through the Capital One website. Customers can use an existing Capital One login or create a new one. You'll need to input personal information like:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Employment and salary information
  • Social Security number

Capital One is a great banking option for individuals comfortable doing most of their banking online. There are enough account options to appeal to a wide range of people. With few local branches, most banking is either done through an online account or Capital One’s mobile app. It’s not the right bank for you if you enjoy stopping in at your local branch for in-person banking service. While Capital One doesn’t offer the highest rates compared to other banks, its rates are consistently high overall.


Investopedia is dedicated to providing consumers with unbiased, comprehensive reviews of banks. We collected over 20 data points across more than 80 banks including products available, interest rates, fees, and accessibility to ensure that our content helps users make the right decision for their savings and banking needs.

Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy .

  1. Google. “Capitol One Mobile.” Accessed June 5, 2021.

  2. Apple. “Capitol One Mobile.” Accessed June 5, 2021.


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Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

Overall card rating


from Credit Karma members

Most helpful positive review

It worked out for me.

Credit Karma Member

I applied capital one credit card services customer service the Capital One Platinum almost a year ago and was approved with a $300 limit. At the time my scores were TU 502, EQ 530, EX 680. I called customer service after the 4th statement with a question/concern and was upgraded to the Quicksilver and my limit was increased to $400. After the 6th statement my limit automatically was increased to $750, I wasn?t impressed as I was using the card a lot and making multiple monthly payments totaling $400-$700 sometimes leaving a balance of $30-$60 at the time each month closed.? So I just received my 11th statement, my balance was $0 and to my surprise my limit was increased to $3,250. My scores have increased greatly in 11 months, TU 762, EQ 741, EX 763.? The few times I?ve needed to call customer service they?ve always been able to resolve any issues I might have had fairly quick, the times I?ve been double charged I get notified and quickly get my account credited, I find the Android app extremely easy to use, make payments, view monthly statements? The high interest rate doesn?t bother me as I pay my balance off before the period ends but I plan on calling in 2-3 months and ask if it can be lowered.? I?m extremely grateful Capital One gave me chance after I destroyed my credit when I was young and dumb. Hope this review is helpful to many and good luck!?

Most helpful negative review

As advertised with draconian interest

Credit Karma Member

It has a trigger online that does not allow for payments after 8pm EST. You have to call to put a payment through, they may mark it as late and charge you an additional $25

Member ratings

All member reviews (2011)

Easy to Get, Low limit, No Annual Fee

Credit Karma Member

This was the first card I got to rebuild a low 500 credit score. I've had it for 18 months, and in the meantime have gotten half a dozen non-secured cards, and bought 2 new cars (Mazda and Toyota). It's a good start, particularly if you use it like a debit card, not a credit card. I pay all of my credit cards off every month. The point of the card is to build credit, not to make minimum payments on a $300-600 debt. They are terrible at giving credit increases. Even though I have $1,000 cards and a $2,000 card from Discover, and I pay every credit card off 100% every month, they will not increase my credit. I use this one for gas and groceries only. Their "Credit Report" is no good. They are lowball your credit score after you get the card, in order to keep you thinking you have bad credit. Every card I own has a credit score feature. They all say my score is around 670. Capital One says my credit is 590. It's not a total rip-off card like the offers that want a $150 annual fee. It's a good start to rebuilding if you use it like a debit card and pay it off every month.


Credit Karma Member

I kept getting capital one pre Qualify letter in the mail so I just decided to apply I was scared at first because I have 2 dismissed bankruptcy on my credit report that’s 2 yrs old I was approved for a 2000 credit limit I was so surprised and my credit score is a 640 when I apply so I hope this helps any one

worst experience with customer service

Credit Karma Member

I referred this card to my son. He received a high credit limit with no problem after I established him by adding him as a authorized user on my credit card. He applied for the walmart capital one, got approved, used the card, and then they put a restriction on the card. ok they asked credit union of the rockies online banking additional id. we submitted it and then they said they needed a bank statement for additional id. I sent the top portion with the bank, account number, date, name and proof address ( which was the second proof of address by the way), then they said they needed to see the full statement even after they called the bank to verify that was his account. I said I'm not doing that. Not only did they loose him as a customer, they lost three of us because we have other cards with a higher us bank atm near me open now it for years, Good card

Credit Karma Member

Had this at a 500 score with $300. They moved me to $500 for YEARS then to $800 for my 10th. I was now in the high 600 score and others started giving me high credit limits. Out of the blue, they gave me $3000 after ten years of consistent great relationship. I thought, "what took yall so long? I been a good customer!" Then they sent me a offer for the Platinum master too! Easy website, easy app and they have good banking options too!


Credit Karma Member


Poor Credit Card Company on Increases

Credit Karma Member

I have 3 cards with this company and since I've had them I have asked for credit line increase and they deny you every time. I have paid them all off and they just sit there. I won't use a card that won't give me an increase, I have been with them 3years and nothing. They go off credit score from 2 months ago when they review for increase instead of using current score being my score has gone up almost 70 points it's ridiculous. That's alright I have other cards and I constantly get increases with them and most times I don't even have to ask. So Capital One you want me to use your cards then increase my limits to make it enticing and will make me want to use your cards.


Credit Karma Member

This card has effected my credit score tremendously and affected my fico score also don’t recommend this card to nobody

Second Chance

Credit Karma Member

I included my last two Capital One cards in my bankruptcy. 9 months after my bankruptcy was discharged, I did the prequalify on their site and was APPROVED FOR A $2000 credit limit.


Credit Karma Member

I was a customer for years! They did start by giving me an increase after my 6 months. after that they refused me to have an increase. i Only applied once a year right after the month i First opened my account and got denied each time I also kept my annual income updated. I paid all my bills in full each time. i used the card about every 3 month to make sure it didn't go dormant and go against my credit. It helped my score for roughly a year and then it just capped out and didn't really help me anymore. This was not my first card so when i found a credit card with less APR and more Credit line. i closed my account down. I never had to call customer service so i don't know how that part is.

Well, we will see

Credit Karma Member

just got approved for this capital one credit card services customer service. $300.00 CL I hope it will help me build my credit. I'll let y'all know

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