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The Bible can seem overwhelming, boring and difficult, but a few basic tips can help you understand it more. Try these. This is a simple and short bible stories for kids that will allow them to learn about the wonderful things done by the Lord. Keeping it simple. Studying the Bible does not have to be complicated. It's about drawing people into the heart of the Word and letting God work.

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 "What value is there to reading one, three, or more chapters of Scripture only to find that after you've finished you can't recall a thing you've read?" 

-Donald Whitney

For years I've read my Bible in many ways...  Chapter by chapter, reading a book 50 times, or reading from cover to cover, but I always struggled with forgetting what I'd read after I checked it off of my to-do list for the day.

In 1990 (before the internet), Maurice Roberts wrote "Our age has been sadly deficient in what may be termed spiritual greatness.  At the root of this is the modern disease of shallowness.  We are all too impatient to meditate on the faith we profess....It is unhurried meditation on gospel truths and the exposing of our minds to these truths that yields the fruit of sanctified character."

As I'm reading about the Spiritual Disciplines, the discipline of meditation has appeared in every one of the books.  It is not the meditation of Eastern Mysticism, one of emptying your mind, but rather the complete opposite, it's filling your mind with a verse or passage and letting that soak in deeply.

Though I'm still experimenting and learning what the "system" of meditation looks like, I can tell you it is an entirely different way to be in the Word, and the results have been amazing.  What starts as reading, flows into study, which flows into meditation, then application, then praise and prayer.  The flow is almost seamless.

As Christians in today's technology saturated culture, we can all take a step back from "to-do-ing" our Bible reading and spending more time steeping our minds slowly and unhurriedly with meditation. "Read less (if necessary) in order to meditate more... It's better to read a small amount of Scripture and meditate on it than to read an extensive section without meditation." -Donald Whitney


I'm not really sure what it looks like for everyone, but I'll tell you what it has been looking like for me.

READ - After praying, it starts with reading a chapter in the Bible, and after reading, finding a verse that stands out.  I underline or notate that verse then re-read it a few times emphasizing different words each reading.

WRITE - Next, I write the verse in my journal, but not in paragraph form but outline form.  Separating into lines that seem to make sense and put the different main points on a different line.

CONTEXT- Next, I read and write down the context in which the verse was found.  I re-read the chapter or section surrounding the verse to try to fully grasp what the author was talking about.  I want to be so careful not to pull verses out of context and warp them to what I think or want them to say.

DEFINE - Now I pick some words (even some that I know what they mean) and pull out my dictionary and write the definition.  Some of the words in my Bible are also notated with the original Greek words and definitions, so I will use those when possible to get a deeper understanding of the Greek.  It's amazing how many Greek words have no equivalent words in English.  Their language was so much richer than ours and these definitions really help.

STUDY - Here I might look up some commentary for more confusing passages, or read the study notes in the Bible or for the Greek words.  I also look up the cross references of other verses noted in the margins and write notes.

QUESTIONS - Next I ask questions.  How does this apply to me?  What is it telling me about God?  Me?  Jesus?  How to live?  For example with this verse, I started by asking, what does  "By His doing" mean?  Then write down my thoughts "It means that it was God's plan.  His effort.  His action, His activity."

QUOTES - There are some amazing theologians out there and I love to hear their insights.  Some of my favorites are Matthew Henry and Charles Spurgeon and many other commentators on Blue Letter Bible or Bible Study Tools.  It's so easy to find great thoughts on every chapter and verse in the Bible.  Today is one of the best ages to study with great minds and sit under the teaching of them with just the click of a mouse.

WORSHIP - After working through this (sometimes I work through just a part of the verse--like I did above--and will come back to it the next day) it leads naturally into worship.  Putting it all down on paper and organizing my thoughts about what God has done leads me to fall down in worship, which naturally leads to prayer.  The prayer usually mirrors my worship, thanking Him for what He had done and asking Him to help me in areas that the verse has spotlighted.

This way of Bible meditation has been so beneficial and is completely adjustable for the time you have available.  You can do each section in a few minutes, or take longer on each if you have time.  You can do them all in one day, or break each apart into several days and make it work specifically for you and what you have going on in your life.

"Most information, even biblical information, flows through our minds like water through a sieve.  There's usually so much information coming in each day and it comes so quickly that we retain very little.  (This was written BEFORE the internet!)  But when we meditate, the truth remains and percolates.  We can smell its aroma more fully and taste it better.  As it brews in our brain the insights come."  -Donald Whitney

In the Bible studiesI've written, I've included these methods of meditating on a verse or two and how to analyze and break it apart for deeper meditation.  Be sure to subscribe on the sidebar to get your free copy of Ephesians and put this to work in your life!

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What is Online Bible Study?

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How to Know God: A Simple Bible Study Method with a Free Printable

Use this simple Bible study method to get to know God personally!

Knowing God is life-changing. When we increase our knowledge of Him –not just head knowledge, but intimate knowledge, like the mystery of two becoming one in marriage, which is a symbol of Christ and the church –we begin to live eternal life now.

In John 17:3 Jesus prayed,

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” 

Knowing God is essential for us to become like Him. It is essential for us to be able to fully trust that His way is best and that His law is good.

Yet I think sometimes we don’t know how to move from “fact-finding” when we read scripture into “God-apprehending.”

As a teenager, I fell in love with the Bible. I read it every day without fail. I learned critical foundational knowledge as I did this, and lots of practical tips for how to live a life that pleased God. I began to put the things I was learning into practice, and I saw amazing transformation in my life as a result! It all made sense and it proved true as I began to live it out.

When I went off to college, I learned to take my Bible study a step farther. I was involved in a campus ministry where I was encouraged to read with the simple goal of learning who God is, rather than to merely gather factual and practical take-aways.

For me, the result of this new approach to scripture was life changing.

I realized that God’s character is revealed in every single chapter of the Bible. From the Old Testament law, to battle accounts, to the beautiful Psalms of praise, to the words of the Prophets and their fulfillment in the Gospels. God is revealing Himself through the story.

The God of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament. That makes sense, but realizing it blew open a world of possibilities for me.

Everything we read about Him throughout the whole Bible helps us know Him. That’s why we must read the whole Bible.

Although I used to find certain parts of the Old Testament boring or difficult to relate to, I now see God’s holiness and justice written on every page, as well as His mercy and goodness. It helps me have a proper fear and reverence for Him and learn things about Him I would have a hard time understanding with the New Covenant as my only frame of reference.

I learned to read the Bible with the intention of knowing and understanding God personally, without agenda. That was a big step for me. It was a little unnerving to begin letting to Bible speak for itself without my “help.”

So for example, I finally stopped trying to explain away or ignore verses that deal with difficult concepts like predestination. Instead, I seek to let the Bible say what it says, in the context of itself. …Mysteriously, God wants everyone to be saved, loves everyone, has given us choice, and has predestined the elect. I trust God and recognize that I *might* not fully understand the big picture. (Read: I DON’T!) The mystery and tension of those truths are His alone and point to His incomprehensible wisdom and indisputablesovereignty. Ours is no match!

Do you see how I identified God’s character in light of scriptural truths? This is what I’m talking about. As we learn to read scripture with the goal of knowing God, we will know Him!

But how does this work practically? 

I want to share with you the model I learned. It’s taken from a story in scripture.

After Christ died and rose again, He appeared to Saul on the Road to Damascus in the form of a bright light and loud voice. Saul’s response was two questions. (Read the entire story here). I was encouraged to ask these same two questions when reading the Bible.

A Simple Bible Study Method to Get to Know the Character of God

When Saul encountered Jesus, He asked,

  1. Who are you Lord?
  2. What would you have me do?

So, I started in the book of Pslams. I read it chapter by chapter, and in my journal, I answered these two questions. I positioned my heart towards God in prayer, and opened a conversation with Him, asking Him to reveal Himself to me through scripture using these two questions.

I intentionally examined each verse for what it said about God’s character, and only then asked what this meant for my life.

I began the practice of writing out God’s character traits in the margins of my Bible.


For years, this was a huge part of how I journaled and interacted with the Bible. It permanently changed the way I view and relate to scripture.

I hope you’ll give it a try! To help, I’ve created a free downloadable bible study journal sheet!

Knowing God Bible Study Journal

Get the simple printable journal page here.

What a gift that we can know The Eternal God! 


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simple bible com

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Simple bible com
simple bible com