chase credit card increase credit line

Your security deposit is your credit limit. That means you can decide the amount that's best for you—from $300–$5,000, subject to credit approval. If you don't want to wait for an offer and are hoping to get a credit line increase from Chase, you can call the number on the back of your card. To request a credit limit increase, call the number on the back of your Chase credit card. Chase does not currently allow credit limit increases to be submitted.

: Chase credit card increase credit line

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Chase credit card increase credit line
Chase credit card increase credit line
chase credit card increase credit line
chase credit card increase credit line

How to increase your Chase credit limit

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Your credit limit determines how much you can spend with your card. Although you can’t ask for a specific credit limit amount when you apply, you can increase your limit later on once you show consistent and responsible credit card use.

Log in to your online account and find your credit limit under Account information. As an alternative, find your credit limit in your monthly credit card statement.

How do I know if I am eligible for a credit limit increase?

Before you try to increase your credit limit, make sure you’re likely to be approved. This means you need a:

  • Track record of timely payments.
  • At least half a year of credit card history with Chase.
  • Reasonable use of your credit line — as a rule of thumb up to 30% credit utilization across all cards.
  • Reasonable credit card activity.

Unfortunately, even if you meet all eligibility criteria, Chase could still decline your credit line increase request.

There are four ways to increase your credit limit with Chase.

  • Call the bank
  • Online via your Chase account
  • Get an automatic credit limit increase
  • Apply for another card

Call the bank

When you are ready to apply for a credit line increase, call Chase customer service. Use the number on the back of your card or call 888-245-0625. Explain why you need a credit limit increase. Any solid reason will do, including being a long-term client, an increase in your income, upcoming expenses on home renovations or an upcoming wedding.

To be successful, it’s important to ask for a reasonable credit limit increase. If your current credit line is $1,000, don’t ask for $10,000. Instead, try for an increase of another $1,000 or slightly more than that. If you already have a higher credit limit, try for an increase of 10% to 25%. But if you don’t want to throw in numbers, ask for the standard credit limit increase.

This one goes without saying, but try to be polite. It always helps to be nice to the person on the other side.

Online via your Chase account

If you prefer to get your credit limit increase online, log in to your account on the Chase website. But to make the request online, you must be eligible first.

Get an automatic credit limit increase

Chase will periodically review your credit account and may increase your credit limit without you asking. To make it happen, you must:

  • Use your card regularly. Keep your card account active to show that you could use a higher credit line.
  • Use a higher amount of your credit line. Spend up to 50% of your available credit line each billing cycle. It’s hard to ask for an increase if you only use 10% of your limit.
  • Pay your balance on time. Show your bank that you can pay off your debt.

Apply for another card

Sometimes, this is the easiest way to increase your credit limit. Plus you get to choose what kind of perks to get — a 0% intro APR period, no annual fee, a rewards program or a combination of them all.

These cards often come with a generous credit line. However, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a high credit line as it mostly depends on several factors, including your annual income, employment and creditworthiness.

Data updated regularly chase credit card increase credit line

Chase will use multiple factors when determining the amount of your credit line, including:

  • Income. A high, steady income can open the door for a high credit limit.
  • Creditworthiness. Show your bank that you can pay off all of your debt. A high credit score and a clean credit history is the best proof.
  • Relationship with Chase. Get rewarded for your loyalty. Having a long-term relationship with your card issuer may help you get a higher credit line.
  • The type of card you apply for. Apply for a high-end credit card to get a higher credit limit. Cards like Visa Signature or Mastercard World Elite usually start off with a high minimum credit line of $5,000.

How often will Chase increase your credit limit?

Chase can make your first credit line increase after six months of having your card. After that, it’s best to wait another six months to request an increase.

If your current credit limit falls short, request an increase online or call Chase customer service. Before you make the request, you need to use your credit card often and you must pay your entire balance before it’s due for at least six consecutive months.

If you keep getting declined for a credit line increase or if it seems like a hassle to request one, consider applying for a new credit card.

  • Yes. Chase may do a hard pull on your account, which could cause a slight drop in your credit score. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your credit score in the long term. Plus, if you to get an increase, it may positively affect your credit score as your utilization rate will drop.

  • This varies between cases, but in general, request a credit limit increase when:
    • You are eligible for the credit line increase.
    • You frequently use a large portion of your credit line.
    • You intend to close another credit card and you need to keep your utilization ratio low.
  • You get your credit line increase as soon as you are approved.


Well, if you can charge $8k on a $9k card, and PIF every month, I'm sure a bank would look favorably on giving a CLI. Or even $4k a month on a $5k Slate. If you did that on a Slate, however, not a good route for all that spend.

If you run up $8k on a $9k card, and pay $200 per month, however, they tend to look less favorably on building their risk portfolio. They may call you to see if you can show more payment activity, and the APR will probably make you sad.


Can you clarify what your "Chase Rewards" card offers in terms of general rewards? No need to discuss the Slate, I know there are none whatsoever.


The reason for the clarification, if your scores are quite good, you have a good history, and there's a type of volume spend you are planning, it's probably time to look around at what other cards may be available, which might start you off at a much higher limit.


Speaking of which, what other cards do you already have, and their limits?

High Bal Jan 2009 $116k on $146k limits 80% Util.
Oct 2014 $46k on $127k 36% util EQ 722 TU 727 EX 727
April 2018 chase credit card increase credit line on $344k 5% util EQ 806 TU 810 EX 812
Jan 2019 $7.6k on $360k EQ 832 TU 839 EX 831
March 2021 $33k on $312k EQ 796 TU 798 EX 801
May 2021 Paid all Installments and Mortgages, one new Mortgage EQ 761 TY 774 EX 777


Chase (Temporarily?) Expanding 5/24 Policy to Credit Limit Increases

Times are tough in the financial world. With the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on the market, banks have updated policies and tightened rules. One place where this directly affects consumers is in their lines of credit.

Whenever the economy enters a chase credit card increase credit line of uncertainty, it's reasonable to see banks lower credit lines and close inactive accounts. This practice serves to limit the bank's exposure and lower its burden of risk. But, while it may make sense for the bank, it's naturally pretty inconvenient for its customers.

Unfortunately, Chase appears to have taken this opportunity to expand its notorious 5/24 policy. More specifically, Doctor of Credit reports that cardholders have recently been denied a credit limit increase for being over 5/24.

Chase Bank

What is Chase's 5/24 Policy?

The Chase 5/24 policy is one of the most infamous application rules in the world of credit card chase credit card increase credit line. It started as a rumor in 2015 when reports indicated that Chase wouldn't approve applicants for a card if they had five or more new accounts in the last two years. It remained unofficial until Chase briefly included it on a Chase Sapphire Reserve® application page in 2016. They didn't mince any words:

You will not be approved for this card if you have opened 5 or more bank cards in the past 24 months.

That made it official. Over the years, we've seen Chase continue to expand this policy: first to all Ultimate Rewards-earning cards, then certain co-branded products. Now, virtually all Chase card products are subject to the 5/24 rule.

What does that have to do with my credit limit?

With the current financial climate, banks curbing credit limit increases isn't surprising in the least. However, what has caught some people off guard is Chase using a policy (assumed to be) designed to combat credit card application abuse to make the decision.

In reality, the decision to not extend further credit to someone—in any financial climate—is based on risk assessment. Banks want to know that you won't default on the card or miss payments. This is why applications for a credit limit increase often involve at least a soft pull on your credit report. Does this mean that 5/24 order business checks bank of america meant as a risk-management tool all along?

The answer is ‘probably not'. In general, Chase simply seems to be reigning in how chase credit card increase credit line credit it extends to customers. While we've never seen the 5/24 policy used this way, it's ultimately not that surprising for Chase to use it as justification for denying limit increases.

Bottom Line

Chase has tightened up a lot in response to the shifting financial climate. We've seen far more application denials than usual, and more than a few people have had their extended credit lines lowered. With that in mind, it stands to reason that Chase would be stricter with credit limit increases.

It's still unclear whether Chase is implementing this rule across the board. If you're contemplating applying for an increase in your credit limit, double-check your 5/24 status before applying—just to be safe.

Have you been denied a credit limit increase because of your 5/24 status?



COUPON: Valid one time only. Duplicate offers will not be accepted. Offer will not be re-issued if chase credit card increase credit line, stolen or destroyed or with return/refund of merchandise. The entire transaction amount after discount must be placed on the Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card.

OFFER: Valid one time only. Offer will be received via mail by 1/1/2022.


$15 OFF FIRST PURCHASE: Application and approval must occur same day to receive the offer. Cannot be combined with 5% cardmember discount. Cannot be used to purchase gift cards, licenses, or in-store services. See team member or visit for list of in-store services. Valid one time only. The entire transaction amount after discount must be placed on the Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card. Minimum pre-tax purchase of $15.01 required to receive discount. The 5% cardmember discount will be applied for purchases less than $15.01. If approved online, first purchase must be made in the same session as approval to receive discount.

5% OFF EVERY DAY: Cannot be combined with purchase on special financing or other offers except Free Shipping benefit. Excludes gift cards, licenses, and in-store services. See team member or visit for list of in-store services. If more than one form of payment is used for a purchase online, cardmember will not receive 5% off. Account must not be in default.

FREE SHIPPING: Limited to standard shipping. Bulk and select items may be excluded, see product page for shipping information. Cannot be combined with the Academy Sports + Outdoors employee discount. Academy Sports + Outdoors does not ship to Alaska, California or Hawaii. The entire transaction amount after discount must be placed on the Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card. Minimum pre-tax purchase of $15.00 required to receive discount.

Credit Card Offers are subject to credit approval.

Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank. This credit card program is unavailable to California residents.


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chase credit card increase credit line

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