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H & H rehabilitated 7.2 miles of historic scenic railroad line in Ely, Nevada for the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum, including the reconstruction of two. White Pine County has been awarded a $10,168,421 Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Grant (SNPLMA) grant to open the Nevada Northern Railway track to. Northern Nevada Pediatrics: Dr. Kathleen Christopherson, Dr. Sheryl Cohen, Dr. Debra Hendrickson and Dr. Joel Speicher.
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Nevada Northern Raising Money to Bring Two Historic Diesels Home

By Justin Franz 

EAST ELY, Nev. — While the Nevada Northern Railway is mostly known for its fleet of operating steam locomotives — a fleet that grew by one earlier this month — it also has a number of historic diesel locomotives. Now it’s raising money to expand that fleet. 

Two diesels that once called the NNRy home have been donated to the museum, Free business check printing SD7 401 and Alco RSD-4 201, and now they are trying to raise $352,000 to move both of them back to Nevada. SD7 401 is in operating condition at a power plant in Delta, Utah, and RSD-4 201 is on static display at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, Wash. Nevada northern Director Mark Bassett said he hopes to raise the money for the move before October 31. Besides the expense of trucking the locomotives, the museum will also need to pay for cranes to load and unload them. 

Kennecott Copper Corp. RSD-4 201 seen in Washington. Photo Courtesy of Nevada Northern.

SD7 401 was built in 1952 and was painted in a unique red and yellow scheme called “Desert Warbonnet.” The locomotive worked on the railroad until the 1980s when regular freight operations came to an end. In 1988, it was moved to the power plant at Delta. Amazingly, the locomotive still wears its original NNRy paint and lettering. 

RSD-4 201 was built by Alco in 1951 for NNRy-parent Kennecott Copper Corp. and was used until it was donated to the Northwest Railway Museum in 1984. The locomotive wears Kennecott’s simple orange paint scheme. The museum estimates wayfair login pay bill will cost about $100,000 to get the six-axle Alco running again. 

The NNRy has numerous other diesels in East Nevada northern, including RS-2 105, RS-3 109 and SD9 204, all of which are in operating condition. 

No timeline has been set for when the diesels will be moved to Nevada. For more information and to learn how you can help, visit the railroad’s website. 

Nevada Northern Railway 401 seen in Delta, Utah. Photo Couresy of Nevada Northern.


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Ride the Christmas Train This Year to visit Santa at the North Pole.

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You are at the throttle, taking control of a full-size, standard-gauge steam locomotive from Ely up toward the old Ruth Mining District.

This is the experience of a lifetime.  Hear from others who have done it.

COVID Safety First

Trains are Running

We are open, operating, and following all State and Federal COVID-19 Mandates.

  • Face coverings required to be worn on the trains and in the buildings
  • We are operating at 50% capacity - plenty of room to spread out.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for trains and buildings
  • Limiting occupancy in all public area

Read the full policy statement here.

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OPEN DAILY:  EXCEPT Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Day, and Jan 2nd.

HOURS:  Ticket Desk and General Store open 8am-5pm (4pm on Sundays, later on days when trains depart later). For a walking tour arrive one hour or more prior to closing. Full train schedule here

WHERE: In the mountains of Central Nevada. 245 miles North of Las Vegas, 245 Miles Southwest of Salt Lake City, 300 miles East of Reno. Set your GPS for 1100 Avenue A, Ely, NV 89301 (at the end of E.11th Street, off of US 93).

WHY:  Acclaimed as the best preserved and most original example of an American railroad facility. Passenger train rides operate on the original main line, many behind one of our original working steam engines.

PHONE:  775-289-2085

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum:

  • A historic passenger railroad featuring train rides pulled by century-old steam engines
  • Also offering hundreds of Hands-On-History events year around for railfans, explorers, historians, and adventurers
  • A registered National Historic Landmark
  • Consisting of the original railway locomotives, rolling stock, track, passenger station, and buildings that served the historic copper mining region of Central Nevada for over a century.
  • All of this is being preserved by a 501(c) non-profit historic museum foundation so you can step back in time and enjoy a piece of American history.

The Nevada Northern Railway was built over a century ago to service what would become one of the largest copper mines in North America. Today, several nevada northern the original coal-fired standard-gauge steam locomotives that were ordered and delivered new to the railroad over 110 years ago are still in operation!   The Nevada Northern Railway is the best-preserved example of a standard-gauge short-line left in North America.

Immerse yourself in historic railroad experiences:

Right from your home you can connect with the what is going on here.  Take a peek at our live webcam or explore the  panoramic virtual reality.  Also consider becoming a member or volunteer to help with the preservation, operation, and restoration work here.   It's true that getting here can be half the fun, so start planning your trip tonight.   We are located on what has been called "The Loneliest Highway in America."  Find out why. 

You can book tickets right on this website.  For more information call us at 775-289-2085 or email us.   The Nevada Northern Railway Museum, East Ely Depot, and General Store is located at 1100 Avenue A  Ely, NV.  We are open daily  EXCEPT Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Day, and Jan 2nd.   Ticket Desk and General Store open 8am-5pm (4pm on Sundays, later on days when trains depart later). For a walking tour arrive one hour or more prior to closing. Full train schedule here

Our General Store features a variety of souvenirs and gifts.   All merchandise is tax-free.   Your patronage helps preserve history and support ongoing Museum restoration projects.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence - 7 years in a row
Best Event in Rural Nevada - The Polar Express - 5 years in a row
Nevada State Treasure - Best Preservation Effort in the West - Attraction of the Year
Best Place to Take the Kids in Rural Nevada - Recognized 8 times
Best Museum in Rural Nevada - Recognized 7 times
Best Tour in Rural Nevada - New nevada northern category in 2017


The Star Train Will Take You Into the Wilderness to Stargaze Under Dark Skies

You should seriously be considering vacations centered around looking up at the night sky. It's worth a trek to see brilliant views of stars you'll never see in the city. That's probably doubly true as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to position us for social distancing over the long term. 

A train ride certainly isn't going to provide the necessary distancing you're looking for, but you can always plan ahead. The Nevada Northern Railway has announced its Star Train dates for 2021. This ride out into Nevada's dark skies will provide the opportunity stargaze as you've never stargazed before. (And, look, it'll be pleasurable even if you've federal reserve bank services routing number lookup nevada northern skies before.)

The train features the dark rangers of Great Basin National Park to help guide riders through the night sky, spotting planets, stars, and constellations. Great Basin is a gold tier International Dark Sky Park. The dark sky rangers of the park are not, in fact, a villain that Captain America must defeat, but park rangers with astronomical expertise. 

The train pulls out of Ely, Nevada, about nevada northern miles north of Las Vegas. Once it's well away from the lights of the city, passengers disembark with the rangers and look up at the heavens. That'll include the use of a telescope that is brought along for your stargazing pleasure. 

The downside here is that you need to decide if you want to go in a hurry, which isn't easy when it's not clear what the future holds in the face of the pandemic. However, under normal circumstances, the Star Train ($41 per adult) sells out up to a year in advance. That demand may be even greater as the vacation-starved masses look to 2021 for a dream journey after a long time spent social distancing. For now, maybe you'll just have to take to the open road on your own to find some stars. 


p.s. In addition to regular steam and diesel train rides, we have special event trains.  You can also Ride with the Engineer (2 per train ride) or, better yet, BE the Engineer.  You can also spend the night in our Caboose or Crew Bunkhouse.  All train rides include a tour of the Engine house.  We also have Winter Photo Shoots, Railroad Reality Week, the Nevada Railway Symposium in September, Haunted Ghost Trains and Polar Express.

In addition to our National Historic Landmark railroad, I would recommend a visit to the White Pine Public Museum, Renaissance Village and the Ely Art Bank.  Check hours of each.  Cave Lake is very pretty and the drive around Nevada northern Loop.  Th Bathtub Races are Jun 28 at Cave Lake and quite fun. You can prospect for free garnets at Garnet Hill.

Less than hour away, Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park is a must see.  Check and to see a calendar of events.

Safe travels!




The Region

Northern Nevada is everything you’ve ever wanted with a side of the unexpected. It’s wild. It’s sophisticated. It’s unusual. The kind of place a person can experience world-class skiing, fine dining, craft cocktails and penny slots all in the same day. If Northern Nevada were a drink, it’d be a splash of the old West mixed with equal parts art, tech and nightlife poured over the great outdoors and garnished with alpine air.

If you’re planning on visiting, there’s no better home base than Reno, aka “The Biggest Nevada northern City.” Reno’s central location is ideal for seeing everything Northern Nevada has to offer. 

Once you’ve arrived, everything is just a short drive away, including spectacular Lake Tahoe. But Reno itself has its own personality worth getting to know. Historically known for gambling, Reno has experienced an economic growth spurt that has rebooted it as “The Next Silicon Valley.” 

Boutique hotels, craft breweries and a thriving art scene have also become nevada northern staples of The Biggest Little City’s culture. Apart from the nightlife, our area is an outdoor lover’s paradise with hiking, mountain biking, rafting and amazon visa card credit limit just minutes from downtown.

If you feel like exploring outside of the Reno area, you’ll find a mix of communities and smaller cities rich nevada northern history and personality. Step back into the era of the Wild West in Virginia City and walk the same streets as Mark Twain. Attend an event in nearby Sparks, whose slogan reads, “It’s happening here.” Usually, it’s true, and the Nugget Best in the West Rib Cook-Off is certainly a great example of that being the case. 

Don’t miss a day trip to Carson City, Nevada’s state capital, located just 30 minutes south of Reno. On the way to Carson City, stop for a stroll at Washoe Nasba cpa exam score release 2018 State Park where you might spot bands of wild horses. Explore Incline Village, a small but vibrant mountain town with unique boutiques, restaurants and plenty of options for outdoor adventure. And of course, there’s Lake Tahoe. 

No matter which area you choose to visit, you’ll always be near a good time. Now, get going!

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