lightstream loan with cosigner

LightStream personal loans work best for borrowers with good credit and several years of credit history. Read our review of LightStream and compare loans. Read U.S. News' review of LightStream and compare interest rates, fees and terms to find the best loan for you. A cosigner on a loan that is definitely private in order to make your own LightStream, an area of SunTrust financial institution, supply loans being.
lightstream loan with cosigner
lightstream loan with cosigner

does lightstream verify income Auto lenders use various steps to verify an applicant’s income before approving a loan, and they do this for protection. Complete the verification process. However, the lender uses a soft credit check to pre-qualify applicants through NerdWallet. They also have a history of saving money and making on-time debt payments and have best mortgage refinance rates in texas steady income. It takes 1 to 2 business days to get money from a LightStream personal loan, in most cases. LightStream loans are also simple interest structures. Payment history A good payment history with few, if any, delinquencies or other problems repaying debt obligations. Does LightStream verify income? Like all lenders, LightStream will require personal information to verify your identity as well as proof of your income. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, banks and credit unions are trying to offer some relief to their affected customers. All of its services are completely digital, including paperless loan origination, underwriting and loan servicing. 49% and loan amounts go from about $5,000 to $100,000 (from 2 to 7. 115, shares in Lightstream Resources are trading at % against their 200 day moving average. Product Specifications LightStream does not explicitly state any minimum income or minimum credit score requirements. Finally, a loan that rewards your credit. access. During the lender’s evaluation, they weigh the primary applicant and joint applicants’ income, credit, and other details equally. 49% and loan amounts go from about $5,000 to $100,000 (from 2 to 7 open-small-business-checking-account-apr200 MENU. Lightstream auto loan. Cons. Dec 01, 2021 · Because of their fantastic reputation for quality customer service and transparency, LightStream is the obvious choice as our first-place selection for boat loans under $100,000. This stems from their focus on good to excellent credit consumers. If you’re set on getting a credit-builder loan, there are some options available from other companies. 79%. (They asked me on a refi even though I had about $9000 in equity on it!) That likely goes for most credit unions. Product Specifications. Does LightStream verify income? All lenders, including LightStream, require personal information, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth and contact information to verify income and identity in addition to checking credit scores. Apr 21, 2021 · Our LightStream personal loans review will help you determine if LightStream is the right lender for your personal loan needs. Most major banks and credit unions do not offer Jun 10, 2021 · LightStream reports that from January 1 to March 31, 2021, at least 21 percent of the approved borrowers who applied for the lowest rate qualified for it. student-100 MENU. 5 percentage points off your APR if you choose to use autopay instead of making manual monthly payments. Is It Hard to Get Approved by Lightstream? Verify LightStream Employees. See Loans. The company Sep 27, 2021 · Income: LightStream wants to make sure you have enough income to pay for your current debt obligations and the monthly bill on a personal loan. Aug 25, 2021 · LightStream offers loans between $5,000 and $100,000 for a variety of purposes. Oct 14, 2021 · Your annual income With LightStream's autopay discount, you can save 0. Don’t just rely on Does LightStream verify income? All lenders, including LightStream, require personal information, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth and contact information to verify income and identity in addition to checking credit scores. If you want to get an auto loan to buy a new car, your lender will likely ask you to prove that you have a job and income. If your needs do align with what LightStream offers loans for, take note of its Rate Beat Program. 2. A LightStream auto loan offers few restrictions and low rates starting at 249 for customers with strong credit scores 660. 68%. LightStream permission to refer their application to a third party lender (with whom LightStream has a relationship), if the applicant does not qualify for LightStream’s program (may increase the opportunity in qualifying for a loan offering). Also Aug 24, 2021 · LightStream offers auto loans ranging from 5000 to 100000 with borrowing allowed over terms of between 24 and 84 months. 1. Once you submit your application, you should receive a quick response during business hours. At the current price of C$0. 99% and 16. When you're thinking about getting a personal loan, consider all of your options. SunTrust Premier Banking MENU. Also Jan 28, 2021 · LightStream outlines all of its rates in easy-to-use tables. Truework allows you to complete employee, employment and income verifications faster. LightStream loan rates are some of the most competitive on the market today. That includes both the time it takes to get approved and the time it takes for the funds to be delivered after approval. Sep 16, 2016 · Over the past six months, the relative strength of its shares against the market has been -71. May 01, 2018 · LightStream does not offer soft pull pre-approvals. 93% APR with a term of 3 years would result in 36 monthly payments of $303. Customer Care agents are eager and willing to help you get your online short term loan application completed quickly, so that if you’re approved, you Lightstream Auto Loan Bad Credit may have access to the cash you need by the next business day*. The bottom line Oct 06, 2021 · Hard credit check: LightStream displays annual percentage rate ranges for each loan purpose on its website, but the lender does a hard pull on applications that originate on its website. Rates are the same whether you're buying new or used from a dealer. Also, their minimum and maximum loan terms are 2 and 12 years, respectively. Still, as of 3/5/21, a loan from $5,000 – $9,999 with a 24-36 month term would range between 4. Keep in mind that this is a typical applicant's experience, and in some cases it could take longer. May 24, 2021 · Does LightStream require income verification? Application Process. Jul 02, 2020 · LightStream emphasizes the importance of a good credit rating and sufficient income and assets from the north central regional jail visitation. This post was last reviewed and updated on August 25, 2021. Verify your information with Customer Care and you Lightstream Auto Loan Bad Credit may be approved in minutes ♦. 99%. The applicant MUST check the box when filling out the application to receive this additional benefit. Income Stable and sufficient income and assets to repay current debt obligations and any new loan with LightStream. However, you'll need a credit score of at least 660, a steady income, and several years of credit history. 99% – 17. When you’re thinking about getting a personal loan, consider all of your options. Lightstream loan with cosigner fee: None. This might include pay stubs, bank statements or tax returns. Delta SkyMiles® Debit Card Promotion MENU. You can read more about the power of momentum in assessing share price movements on Stockopedia. Don’t just rely on LightStream personal loan reviews when trying to make an informed decision. 93% with an autopay discount. As of January 2021, estimated APRs range from roughly 5. What FICO score LightStream does not explicitly state any minimum income or minimum credit score requirements. Most major banks and credit unions do not offer Income Stable and sufficient income and assets to repay current debt obligations and any new loan with LightStream. Nov 22, 2021 · Does LightStream verify income? You may be required to upload verification of your income during the LightStream application process. PenFed's rates are great, but they will almost certainly ask for POI to be uploaded. But loan decisions aren’t based on credit score alone. In general, LightStream’s personal loans are available for terms between two and Verify LightStream Employees. Product Specifications Mar 29, 2021 · LightStream Personal Loan Rates. Oct 06, 2021 · Hard credit check: LightStream displays annual percentage rate ranges for each loan purpose on its website, but the lender does a hard pull on applications that originate on its website. open-small-business-checking-account-jun200 MENU. Pin On Honest Finance Videos. and there is no minimum income Jan 28, 2021 · LightStream outlines all of its rates in easy-to-use tables. May 14, 2021 · Permalink Report Abuse. See Insider's picks for the best personal loans ». What FICO score Oct 26, 2021 · LightStream offers personal loans from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on needs and qualifications. However, it does state on the loan application that you must have good credit to apply. However, you'll need a credit score of at least 660, a steady income, and years of credit history. Jan 11, 2021 · Does Lightstream Verify Income? All lenders, including LightStream, request personal information, including dates of birth, social security information, and contact information to verify income and your identity as well as checking credit scores. Nov 30, 2021 · All boat loans will require a credit check, and further verification may require basic financial documents such as tax returns, bank statements, and proof of income. The company Dec 02, 2021 · No, LightStream does not offer credit-builder loans. Prepayment fee: None. 90. Verifiers love Truework because it’s never been easier and more streamlined to verify an employee, learn more here. LightStream facilitates loans ranging between $5,000 and $100,000. Aug 03, 2016 · All lenders, including LightStream, require personal information, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth and contact information to verify income and identity in addition to checking credit scores. When buying a bigger boat - in price, size, or both! - your process is likely to include much more extensive paperwork, like a marine survey and a personal financial statement. You may be rejected if these boxes aren’t ticked, or end up with a higher rate. 10% lower than the rate offered by a competing lender if qualified borrowers are offered a lower rate elsewhere. However, choosing the best home improvement lender depends on a plethora of different factors. To be adjudged to have “good credit”, LightStream says you will likely need several years of credit history, as evidenced by credit card borrowing May 21, 2020 · A LightStream auto loan comes with competitive rates and amounts up to $100,000. The company May 24, 2021 · Does LightStream require income verification? Application Process. Co-Signer Option: LightStream allows for co-signers as a way to bolster the applicant’s credit strength and improve their overall terms. welcome3 MENU. To increase your chances of a successful auto loan with LightStream, you should: Have a stable income that is high enough to repay the loan with interest. Mar 04, 2021 · If they do, they can receive a direct deposit to their bank account within 24 hours. You may be required to upload documents to verify your identity, employment and income. For the SoFi variable rate Mar 10, 2021 · LightStream describes its customers as having solid credit histories, which means their accounts have been open for several years and reflect a balanced mix of credit cards, mortgages and installment loans (such as car loans). In addition, LightStream does not charge fees for loan origination, paying bills late, or paying the full loan off earlier than required. While LightStream does not allow you to apply with a cosigner, you can apply with a joint applicant. Fast Approval. Fees. Aug 13, 2021 · LightStream is a San Diego-based company that lends to borrowers across the United States. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies based on the loan amount and loan term, and the APR at the moment lies approximately between 3. If approved, you can login to sign the loan documentation and set lightstream loan with cosigner funding date. Apr 14, 2021 · A personal loan used for business purposes won’t do that. The company Nov 30, 2021 · LightStream offers loan amounts ranging from 5,000 to $100,000, which can take care of both small and large pool needs, assuming the borrower has the credit and income to qualify. our ability to verify your income and employment and other factors. It also depends on you, the consumer, and what best fits your needs. LightStream does not explicitly state any minimum income or minimum credit score requirements. The company offers personal loans up to $100,000 with funding available the same day of approval, and has one of the lowest annual percentage rates (APR), starting at 5. Alternatives to credit-builder loans from LightStream include personal loans, though they may be difficult to get if you have fair credit. The bottom line Dec 04, 2020 · LightStream is tailored to customers with strong credit and income — even promising to beat some competitors’ rates to get those customers. May 12, 2020 · Re: DCU, Penfed or Lightstream for 700+ fico NO PROOF OF INCOME. open-small-business-checking-account-apr200 MENU. Pros & Cons. Dealer-initiated financing may be a different story. Loan terms. Dec 02, 2021 · No, LightStream does not offer credit-builder loans. 95% to 20. A joint applicant is someone you apply with to increase your chance of approval. Nov 17, 2021 · LightStream offers loans between $5,000 and $100,000 for a variety of purposes. All LightStream personal loans come with Nov 17, 2021 · LightStream offers loans between $5,000 and $100,000 for a variety of purposes. You can borrow between $5,000 and $100,000, and the money can be deposited into your account as soon as the same day. Mar 27, 2021 · Do banks verify income for auto loans? So, do banks verify income for auto loans? Yes, they do. The process is simple and automated, and most employees are verified within 24 hours. The maximum debt-to-income ratio will differ based LightStream does not explicitly state any minimum income or minimum credit score requirements. * Payment example: Monthly payments for a $10,000 loan at 5. Oct 01, 2019 · The first requirement is that all borrowers should have a valid Visa or MasterCard for verification purposes. Mar 10, 2021 · LightStream describes its customers as having solid credit histories, which means their accounts have been open for several years and reflect a balanced mix of credit cards, mortgages and installment loans (such as car loans). Hard Credit Check: When you apply for an auto loan with LightStream, they will perform a hard credit check. Oct 22, 2021 · LightStream is our top choice for borrowers with excellent credit who don’t want to pay origination fees or prepayment penalties on their debt consolidation loan. LightStream claims they offer an interest rate 0. LightStream is an online consumer lending Sep 13, 2021 · LightStream is a consumer lending arm of SunTrust (now Truist) that offers unsecured personal loans that can be used to finance solar panels, among other things. does lightstream verify income


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LightStream Personal Loans: 2021 Review

LightStream, the online lending arm of Truist Bank, offers personal loans with low rates and no fees for borrowers with good to excellent credit.

Among its many consumer-friendly features, LightStream allows borrowers to choose when they receive their money. It can deposit funds into your account as early as the same day or up to 30 days after approval. Scheduling a later fund date can allow time to plan for your first payment or give you flexibility in aligning your loan with the start of a home improvement project or other large expense.

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LightStream is best for borrowers who:

  • Have good or excellent credit (690 FICO or higher) and several years of credit history.

  • Are considering a personal loan for home improvement.

  • Want a large loan at a competitive rate.

LightStream at a glance

  • APRs are low among lenders targeting similar borrowers.

  • No fees.

  • Rate discount for autopayments.

  • No option to change payment due date.

  • Does not offer direct payment to creditors with debt consolidation loans.

  • Can fund loans the same day.

  • Available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

  • Pre-qualification available only through partners.

  • Discloses rates on website.

  • Offers extended business hours for customer support.

  • Offers no financial education.

Key terms to know about personal loans

Annual percentage rate is the interest rate on your loan plus all fees, calculated on an annual basis and expressed as a percentage. Use the APR to compare loan costs from multiple lenders.

An origination fee is a one-time, upfront fee that some lenders charge for processing a loan. The fee can range from 1% to 10% of the loan amount, and lenders typically deduct it from your loan proceeds.

The debt-to-income ratio divides your total monthly debt payments by your gross monthly income, giving you a percentage. Lenders use DTI — along with credit history and other factors — to evaluate a borrower's financial ability to repay a loan.

Lenders that offer pre-qualification typically do so using a soft credit check, which allows you to see rates and terms you qualify for without affecting your credit score. If you accept the loan offer, the lender will perform a hard check to confirm your information. Hard checks knock a few points off your credit score.

Where LightStream stands out

Low rates and no fees: LightStream offers low starting rates, but they vary based on loan amount, purpose, repayment term and the applicant’s credit profile, according to the lender. Excellent credit is required to receive the lowest rates, and borrowers who choose autopay can receive a rate discount of 0.5 percentage points.

LightStream also doesn't charge fees for loan origination, late payments or prepayment.

Term availability: LightStream’s wide window of available repayment terms (two to seven years for most loans) gives borrowers the option to prioritize less overall interest with a shorter term or lower monthly payments with a longer term.

Special home improvement features: Borrowers with good or excellent credit looking to finance a home improvement project may qualify for extended loan terms up to 12 years, with no appraisals or home equity requirements. Longer repayment terms can make monthly payments more affordable on expensive home projects, like a kitchen remodel, solar panel installation or swimming pool addition. The lender can also delay funding a loan for up to 90 days, which gives you more time to coordinate the remodel without additional interest.

Rate beat program: LightStream says it will beat a competitor’s interest rate by one-tenth of a percentage point if you can show you are approved by the competitor for an unsecured, fixed-rate loan with the same terms.

Satisfaction guarantee: LightStream offers $100 back for unhappy borrowers who have had their loan for less than 30 days. You must contact the company and fill out a questionnaire to receive the $100.

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Where LightStream falls short

Hard credit check: LightStream’s loan calculator displays example rates based on your desired loan purpose and loan amount, but the lender only offers a hard pull to applications that originate on its website. However, it uses a soft credit check to pre-qualify applicants through NerdWallet.

No direct payment to creditors: Unlike other lenders, LightStream doesn't send payments directly to creditors when you consolidate debts with a loan. Instead, borrowers have to keep track of their own repayments.

Limited customer service options: Applicants who have questions are directed to an email form on LightStream’s website. According to the lender, once you become a customer, you are provided a phone number to contact customer service.

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  • Minimum credit score: 660.

  • Several years of credit history.

  • Multiple account types within your credit history, like major credit cards, a car loan or other installment loan and a mortgage.

  • Strong payment history with few or no delinquencies.

  • Investments, retirement savings or other evidence of an ability to save money.

  • Enough income to pay existing debts and a new LightStream loan.

Loan example: A four-year, $20,000 loan with an 11.2% APR would cost $519 in monthly payments. You’d pay $4,912 in total interest on that loan.

Pre-qualify on NerdWallet

NerdWallet recommends comparing loans to find the best rate for you. Click the button below to pre-qualify on NerdWallet. You may receive personalized rates from multiple lenders that partner with us, including LightStream. Pre-qualifying will not impact your credit.

Apply on LightStream

You can fill out an application on LightStream’s website. After entering some personal information, you’ll be presented with loan options.


Personal Loans for Fair Credit December 2021

Are personal loans for fair credit borrowers a good financial option? What are interest rates for personal loans for fair credit?

Our articles, research studies, tools, and reviews maintain strict editorial integrity; however, we may be compensated when you click on or are approved for offers from our partners.


Personal loans for fair credit borrowers are an attractive form of financing for many borrowers.

They offer the ability to get money today with fixed monthly payments and no tricky fees or hidden interest costs.

But to go further – and to be realistic – we really have to understand what “fair” credit really means.

Find personal loan interest rates for fair credit

What Is a Fair Credit Score?

There is a range of credit scores. They go from 300 on the low end to as much as 850 on the high side. According to Fair Isaac, developer of the FICO-brand score, the average credit score as of the end of 2020 was 710, the record high.

However, credit score averages vary by age.

According to Experian, “Americans between the ages of 50 and 59 hold the second-highest FICO® Score average of 706. People between the ages of 40 and 49 have an average FICO® Score of 684, while Americans between the ages of 30 and 39 score 673 on average. The average FICO® Score for Americans between the ages of 20 and 29 is 662.”

There are different credit scoring models and flavors. The result is that your score can be higher or lower, depending on the system used by the lender.

Two important scoring models are the FICO Score 8 and the VantageScore 3.0. FICO Score 8 is used most often by lenders, so let’s take a look at that one first.

Fair Credit and FICO Score 8

FICO Score 8 ranges from 300 to 850. According to, these are the values for each credit score range:

  • Exceptional: 800+
  • Very good: 740 to 799
  • Good: 670 to 739
  • Fair: 580 to 669
  • Poor: 579 and lower

It follows that if 706 is average, then scores from 707 to 850 are above average and scores at 705 and below are, um, less than average. Since a fair credit score is from 580 to 669, it’s below average.

A fair credit score is a big concern to lenders. Figures from relate credit standing to delinquencies. About 1% of borrowers with credit scores of 800 and above become delinquent. For those with scores between 580 and 669, the story is different. About 28% of those with fair credit tend to become delinquent. That’s 28 times greater than those with excellent credit.

The result, of course, is that with more risk there’s more cost. Approvals are less likely and interest rates are higher for those with something other than excellent credit.

Fair Credit and VantageScore 3.0

Like FICO, the VantageScore system goes from 300 to 850, however, the ranges are different when compared with the FICO-brand system.

  • Excellent: 781 to 850
  • Good: 661 to 780
  • Fair: 601 to 660
  • Poor: 500 to 600
  • Very Poor: 300 to 499

With VantageScore “fair” credit ranges from 601 to 660 versus 580 to 669 for FICO Score 8. While there is overlap, the FICO definition is broader while the VantageScore is more focused. Because the VantageScore range is smaller, small changes in credit habits

Personal Loan Options for Fair Credit

Having realistically looked at what fair credit is we next ask if a personal loan can make sense for borrowers with such credit. To do this we need to explain a little further what a personal loan really is.

A personal loan lightstream loan with cosigner unsecured. This is both good and bad for borrowers with fair credit. On one hand, your home or car do not guarantee the loan. On the other, lenders like as much security as possible to reduce risk.

With a personal loan, your word is your bond. Lenders will carefully at your personal finances – not just your credit score – to see how much risk you represent. A fair credit score means that you have had some issues repaying money that you owe, even though it may be due to no fault of your own. That’s why it can be more challenging to find unsecured personal loans for fair credit.

A personal loan typically has a fixed rate and a set term, say one to five years. However, in some cases, terms can be longer. Also, in some cases, the lender may offer adjustable-rate financing. With a fixed rate and a set term, the loan also has fixed monthly payments and that once the loan term ends and the balance is zero.

As you typically find with loans, the longer the term the lower the monthly payment. However, longer terms will also produce a higher interest cost.

Personal Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate you pay for a personal loan will depend on the usual mixture of credit scores and general financial standing. Rates can vary from 6% to 36%. As you can guess, those with the highest credit scores get the lowest rates. However, someone with fair credit might be able to get a good rate if he or she shops aggressively and has other strengths like solid income and low debt.

Personal loan interest rates for fair credit generally run between 15% and 25%. The offer you receive depends on your debt-to-income ratio, the amount you need, and the length of the loan term. You’ll lightstream loan with cosigner better if you shop with lenders that like to lend in the fair credit market. Others not interesting in competing won’t offer the best interest rate, or they might not approve your application at all.

How to Get a Personal Loan With a Fair Credit Score

Before you start filling out a bunch of applications for a personal loan in the hopes one will be approved, take a little time to make a plan. Follow these tips to increase your chances of being approved for a personal loan with a fair credit score.

Find out your credit score

Your credit may not be as bad as you think.

While your score may vary by a few points depending on the credit reporting agency, generally, a fair credit score is from 580-669. If you fall within that range, there are some loans available to you.

It’s possible to get a personal loan with a 600 credit score. It does get more challenging to get personal loans for credit scores under 550.

Work on your credit score if it’s too low

If you find out that your score is at the lower end of fair or even in the poor range, which is 300-579, you may want to try and work on your credit to bring the points up to somewhere in the middle of the fair range or higher. You may be able to get a loan with a lower score, but chances are the interest rate and loan terms may not be worth it for you.

Get a co-signer

If you’re working on your credit and your finances, you may numero de telefono de apple able to get a family member or friend with good credit to act as a co-signer or joint applicant on your loan. If you can’t pay back the loan, your co-signer will be expected to pay back the loan for you, so it is important that you are able to make those payments.

Look for lenders before you start applying

Look at several lenders and talk to them about prequalifying so you don’t get caught in a flurry of rejected applications. Getting prequalified doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the loan, but the lender will collect some background info on you that can determine whether you’ll be approved for a loan.

The benefit of being pre-screened by lenders is that they won’t be doing a “hard” credit pull, which lenders do when they are considering giving loans to applicants. Hard pulls can cause your credit score to go down by a few points. To get prequalified, lenders may only need to run a “soft” credit check, which won’t affect your credit score.

Improve Your Credit Score, Get Better Interest Rates

The good thing about credit scores is that they can change. If you have fair credit today you can do better tomorrow. Here’s how:

Create a budget

Every successful business operates on the basis of a budget. The budget outlines expected income, expected expenses, and what actually happens. In a similar sense, households also need budgets because financial planning is the key to better credit scores.

The catch is that it’s not enough to have a budget. For instance, if you have a plan to pay down credit card bills but at the same time continue to spend more than you should you can’t come out ahead. When it comes to getting a better credit score discipline is important.

As your finances prove, as you pay down debts little by little, you will find that your credit score will begin to rise. As you have less to pay it becomes easier to make payments. Also, by making payments in full and on time you can avoid late fees and credit report dings.

Pay attention

It’s easy to spend money. It’s easy to rack up credit card bills. The financial system is designed to encourage spending, but it’s your job to avoid financial temptation and carefully monitor the money you spend. Small steps can produce big results. Setting aside $10 a week and at the end of a year, you’ll have $520 in the bank. That may not sound like a big deal but consider this. A government study found that a typical payday loan amounted to about $400. Millions of people can avoid payday lenders and their three-figure interest rates by setting aside just $10 a week.

Get professional help

You don’t have to go it alone. Help is available from credit counselors in reputable nonprofits. They can help you establish a budget, track your spending, and improve your credit standing. You may want to establish a debt management plan to help you reach the next level of financial security.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

If you have fair credit, it may be difficult to get a credit card. Or, you might find that credit cards are available but only with rates and terms that can’t be justified.

As an alternative, you might want to work with secured credit cards. These are a form of revolving credit that will show up on your credit report.

Another option is to get a credit builder loan from a credit union or local bank. This type of debt will also show up on credit reports and may be helpful when credit scores are computed because they fall into the “mix of credit” category.

Best Personal Loans for Fair Credit

The question is whether you can get a personal loan with a reasonable interest rate if you have fair credit. Let’s not sugarcoat this, it may not be easy to get the financing you want at a low cost. However, there are some steps you can take to improve your situation.

Make sure that your credit report does not have factual errors or out-of-date items. You can see your credit report by visiting You can get one free report every 12 months from each of the big three national credit reporting agencies. If you see a problem make sure to file a complaint with the credit reporting agency because errors can knock down credit scores, something you don’t want. In general, it’s a good idea to clean up your credit report now before applying for any form of financing.

But what if you find a negative credit card item that is legitimate? What if you really did have a late payment or even missed one? It’s likely that the item will stay on your credit record for seven years. Some items can stay on your credit report even longer. However, the good news is that the importance of negative credit items falls with time.

It pays to shop around. Speak with multiple lenders and ask them what might be available given your circumstances.

Lastly, perhaps a friend or relative will cosign a personal loan with you. This means someone else’s risking their credit to help you get better rates and terms. It means you have both a financial and moral obligation to make all promised payments on time and in full, Not only because money is involved and also because you want to treat your cosigner fairly.

Compare personal loan programs and rates now

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  • It depends on what you’re looking for. Online lenders tend to offer quick access, even with same-day funding in some cases. Credit unions may offer better rates and be easier to work with if you have bad credit, while traditional banks tend to favor borrowers with strong credit profiles. Another option is peer-to-peer lending platforms, which rely on less conventional means to approve loans.

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  • Maybe, but probably not. The lowest recommended scores in our database are 580 (the bottom of the “fair” range), but some lenders may offer loans if your credit is worse. Seeking a secured loan or applying with a co-signer could improve your chances and reduce your rate. But the best option might be to work on improving your credit score before seeking a personal loan.

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  • There is no one minimum credit score to get a personal loan. Some lenders have a cutoff of 680, while others offer unsecured loans to borrowers with scores as low as 580. Secured loans (those backed by collateral) have more liberal score requirements. Some lenders even look beyond your credit score, such as a credit union that offers Payday Alternative Loans (PALs) or a paycheck app like Earnin.

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  • LendingClub, OneMain Financial, LendingPoint, and First Tech Federal Credit Union are more likely to offer personal loans for bad credit, as long as borrowers meet other requirements. If you’re looking for the easiest application process, consider Rocket Loans or LightStream, both of which offer fast funding.

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  • Each lender sets its own requirements for what credit score you need to get approved for an installment loan. There are no hard-and-fast rules, but in addition to credit score, your income, existing debt, and the loan’s purpose may all contribute to the amount you get approved for. Securing the loan with collateral may also increase your borrowing limit.

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  • Smaller personal loans and secured loans present less risk for the lender and so can be easier to be approved for. But remember, if you secure a personal loan with your property, such as a car or bank account, and you default on loan payments, the lender can take that property away from you.

    Learn More:Secured Loans vs. Unsecured Loans: What's the Difference?

  • It can, depending on what type of credit check the lender does. Some lenders offer loan prequalification based on a “soft credit pull,” which doesn’t affect your score. But others do a “hard credit pull,” which will impact your score. Know how the lender will pull your credit before checking what rates and terms you qualify for.

    Learn More:Soft vs. Hard Credit Checks: What's the Difference?

Key Terms

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    An annual percentage rate (APR) is the interest rate you pay each year on a loan, credit card, or other line of credit. It’s represented as a percentage of the total balance you have to pay.

    Learn More

  • Origination Fee

    An origination fee is charged by a lender to cover the costs of processing a loan. It may be used to pay for preparing documents, processing your application, or underwriting your loan.

    Learn More

  • Credit Score

    A credit score is a number that evaluates and rates your creditworthiness based on your credit history. Lenders use credit scores to decide whether to approve someone for a loan or credit card and to determine what interest rate to charge.

    Learn More

  • Principal

    The loan principal is the amount of money you borrowed from a lender. The loan principal can be found in a mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit card balance, and many other loans.

    Learn More

  • Debt Consolidation

    Debt consolidation is using one loan or credit card to pay off multiple loans or credit cards so you can simplify your debt repayment. With one balance instead of many, it should be easier to pay off your debt and, in some cases, secure a lower interest rate from the lender.

    Learn More

  • Unsecured Loan

    Unsecured loans are loans that are approved without the need for collateral. If a borrower defaults on the loan, the lender is left with lightstream loan with cosigner options to get paid outside of filing a lawsuit.

    Learn More

  • Collateral

    Collateral represents some type of property that you own that you offer as security in order to obtain a loan. The item you offer should have value, and it is something the lender can repossess if you don’t make payments.

    Learn More

  • Maximum Loan Amount

    A maximum loan amount is the total amount of money a lender will approve for a borrower. Maximum loan limits can apply to mortgages, personal loans, lines of credit, and credit cards.

    Learn More

  • Line of Credit

    A credit line, also known as a line of credit (LOC), is a type of standing loan that allows individuals, businesses, or other organizations to borrow cash when they need it, repay what they have borrowed, and continue borrowing without applying for a new loan.

    Learn More

  • Co-Signer

    A co-signer is someone who applies for a loan with another individual and who contractually agrees to pay off the debt if the other borrower doesn't make payments. The co-signer signs the loan application with the borrower and effectively guarantees the loan.

    Learn More


LightStream Personal Loans Review for 2021

LightStream is a part of Truist Bank (formerly SunTrust Bank), but you don’t need to be a member to apply for a personal loan. The company focuses on borrowers with excellent credit and a strong credit history.

It’s not the best option if you have a low credit score or even no credit at all. But if you have a strong history of timely payments, LightStream could be a good fit for your next personal loan.

One of LightStream’s differentiating factors is that it offers hyper-specific loan categories. So while you can get a loan for just about anything, loan purpose affects your interest rates based on the risk involved.

A debt consolidation loan, for example, would be deemed riskier than a home improvement loan, and therefore would come with a higher interest rate. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting lending model that rewards borrowers who want to finance value-added purchases.

LightStream is not one of our top picks for 2021. Click the link below to see which companies we think are better.

Check Out Our Top Picks:

Best Online Personal Loans for 2021

LightStream Personal Loans

LightStream loan amounts range from $5,000 to $100,000, one of the higher loan limits available among online lenders. Loan terms lightstream loan with cosigner last anywhere between two years and seven years, so you can get quite specific with the exact repayment terms you’re looking for.

All personal loans through LightStream are unsecured, meaning you don’t have to use the purchase itself or any of your other assets as collateral. Interest rates vary based on your loan amount and the length of your term.

If you set up Autopay, you get a discount, but it’s only available prior to loan funding. If you elect to pay your bill manually each month, your interest rate automatically increases by 0.5%. LightStream doesn’t charge origination fees, prepayment penalties, or late fees.


LightStream reports payments on personal loans to all three credit bureaus. So be sure to pay your loan balance on time each month to avoid any late payments being listed on your Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports.

Borrower Profile

LightStream is very strict with its lending standards and only approves individuals with excellent credit. The minimum credit score is 660. In addition, you should have at least five years of credit history.

Additionally, you should have a diverse credit mix, such as credit cards, a mortgage, or a car loan. However, your debt-to-income ratio must be low, so while you should use credit regularly, you must not rely on it too much.

LightStream also wants to see that you have the ability to save money, but even a retirement plan can count for this category. Finally, you’ll need to indicate a strong history of positive payments to prove that you’re willing and able to make your new loan payments.

LightStream Application Process

Start by navigating to the type of loan you’d like to take out. LightStream offers personal loans for dozens of categories and subcategories, such as landscaping loans in the home improvement category or adoption loans in the family category.

Once you’re ready to apply, you’ll first have to agree to use electronic methods for all of your LightStream loan communications.

You also have the opportunity to select a joint application if you’re applying with a spouse or domestic partner. From there, you’ll create a login account and begin the application process. Unlike many other online personal loan lenders, there isn’t a pre-approval process.

Instead, LightStream performs a hard credit inquiry on your credit report from both Experian and Equifax before offering your loan terms. After inputting your financial information, be prepared to upload documents verifying both your identity and your income.

Within a lightstream loan with cosigner minutes of fully completing the application, LightStream notifies you of whether or not you’ve been approved. At this point, you’ll also find out the exact loan terms you qualify for, including the loan amount, term length, interest rate/APR, and your monthly payment amount.

If you agree, you can then accept the loan terms and sign your loan agreement online. You may also choose the date you want to receive the funds, as long as it’s within a 30-day window.

Once You’re Approved

You can receive your funds from LightStream as quickly as the same day you sign the agreement, provide your bank account information, and have the information verified. You must complete all of these steps before 2:30 p.m. EST on a business day.

LightStream seems to stay true to its word of charging no fees. If you’re late on a payment, your interest accrues daily rather than being charged a set late fee or percentage of your overdue payment.

LightStream Special Features and Restrictions

One perk specific to LightStream is that the lender offers a $100 customer satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re unhappy with your experience after receiving your loan, you may fill out a questionnaire and receive $100.

Many borrowers appreciate that you can utilize a cosigner with strong credit on your loan application and apply for joint loans. If your credit is less than excellent, this benefit gives you a little more leeway in the approval process.

That being said, there are a few restrictions on LightStream loans. First, remember that you can only use your loan money for the purpose stated in your original loan application. Also, LightStream does not offer student loans or financing for higher education. You can, however, take out a loan to finance Pre-K through grade 12.

LightStream’s History

LightStream is a division of Truist Bank and focuses solely on online lending. Using its online platform, LightStream has created a completely electronic lending process.

Truist’s assets total $495 billion, meaning LightStream is funded by a large financial institution rather than a team of investors, as many other online lenders are. As a result, it’s a very different set-up from most other “disruptor” lenders, so it’s really up to you whether you see this as a pro or a con.

LightStream Personal Loan Reviews

One of the best ways to research online lenders is by reading third-party reviews. You can discover what actual customers are saying about them before you choose to do business with them.

LightStream currently has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, indicating excellent customer service. They also have very few complaints. You can find more LightStream Loan reviews at other review sites as well.

What to Consider Before Applying

Not all personal loans are created equally, so make sure you have a firm understanding of what you need and what you can get before you start applying. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when applying for a LightStream personal loan.

Know Exactly What You Need to Finance

Part of your loan agreement with LightStream is that your loan funds can only be used for what you initially said you’d use them for and each type of loan has a different interest rate. For example, auto loans start at 2.49%, home improvement loans start at 3.99%, and debt consolidation loans start at 5.95% APR.

You can’t change your mind or use some leftover cash to pay for a vacation if you’re supposed to be financing your child’s private school tuition. That means you need a fairly exact budget of what you’re going to spend the money on and how much you’ll need.

If you end up having extra funds leftover, you can always repay a larger portion of your balance early.

Check Your Credit Report

LightStream caters to borrowers with good to excellent credit. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to gain self-awareness and check your credit reports to see where you stand.

Your credit report should be free of delinquencies and late payments, as well as a positive payment history over the past five years. If that is the case, you should qualify for a LightStream personal loan.

Shop Around for the Best Rates

Yes, LightStream only caters to people with excellent credit. If that sounds like you, then great. But remember that it’s best to compare rate offers from multiple lenders before choosing one, no matter how good your credit score is.

This is especially important if you want to take out a personal loan in a higher-risk category. Because LightStream varies interest rates based on the type of loan in addition to your credit and income qualifications, make sure they’re on par with other loan terms you’ve been offered.

Still Searching?

Check out our other personal loan reviews below to continue exploring your options.


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Of course, the offers on our platform don't represent all financial products out there, but our goal is to show you as many great options as we can.

Getting approved for a personal loan may be more challenging if you have no credit or less-than-perfect credit.

Fortunately, some lenders will let you apply for a personal loan with a co-signer or co-borrower, which may improve your chances of getting approved or securing a more competitive interest rate. A co-signer agrees to pay back your loan if you default. On the other hand, a co-borrower applies for the loan with you as a joint applicant and is also responsible for making regular monthly payments.

Read on for our take on the best personal loans with co-signers to help you find the best one for your situation.

Check your Approval Odds for a loan Get Started

Best for paying off credit card debt: FreedomPlus

Why FreedomPlus stands out: FreedomPlus, a lending arm of Freedom Financial Network, offers an interest rate discount if you use the loan funds to directly pay off your debt with other creditors.

  • Quick application process — You may be able to get a same-day decision on your application, and funding might take as little as 24 hours.
  • Rate discounts — FreedomPlus offers discounts if you apply with a co-borrower, let FreedomPlus use the loan funds to pay your creditors directly, and if you have more than $40,000 saved up for retirement in certain types of accounts. The lender says these discounts could help you get a lower rate.
  • Origination fee — FreedomPlus charges an origination fee between 1.99% and 4.99% based on your loan amount and loan term. But there’s no prepayment penalty, so you can pay off your loan early without worrying about an extra fee.
  • Competitive rates for people with strong credit — Lenders typically offer the lowest interest rates to people with excellent credit. But even if your credit isn’t in the best shape, FreedomPlus says that adding a co-borrower with “sufficient income” to your application may help you qualify for a better rate.

Read our FreedomPlus personal loan review for more info.

Best for credit building: Upgrade

Why Upgrade stands out: Upgrade offers free VantageScore 3.0® credit score monitoring with weekly updates, credit-score simulation and score trending charts. These tools may come in handy if you’re working to build credit and hoping to qualify for your next personal loan without a co-signer or co-borrower.

  • Loan terms available — You can borrow up to $50,000, with available terms of 24 months to 84 months. If you want a shorter loan term, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Good if you’re self-employed — Upgrade has a straightforward application process for self-employed workers. You’ll need two years of tax returns and recent bank statements to show proof of income. You can use the loan funds to improve or grow your business. This is a unique feature — some lenders prohibit you from using personal loans for business purposes.
  • Origination fee — Upgrade has an origination fee range that’s higher than other lenders on this list. This fee is deducted from the loan proceeds. Most lenders in this roundup charge no origination fee at all. On the bright side, Upgrade has no prepayment penalty.

To learn more, read our Upgrade personal loan review.

Best for home renovations and major expenses: LightStream

Why LightStream stands out: LightStream is an online lending division of Truist that offers loans for a variety of purposes. You can apply to borrow up to $100,000 for costs including adoption expenses, home improvements, medical bills, wedding expenses and pre-K-12 education costs.

  • Low interest rates — LightStream offers some of the lowest interest rates that we could find online. Submitting a joint loan application with someone who has strong credit may help you qualify for its best rates. LightStream also offers an interest rate discount of 0.5 percentage points if you sign up for autopay. The lender may also beat a competitor rate by 0.1 percentage point if you’re able to prove you qualify for a better rate elsewhere.
  • No fees — LightStream personal loans have no application, origination or prepayment penalty fees.
  • Long loan terms for home improvement — Terms vary depending on the loan amount and the reason you’re borrowing money. LightStream offers loans that can be used for home improvement projects, pool installation and solar panel installation with terms of up to 12 years.
  • Healthy credit required — LightStream says it aims to offer low interest rates to people who have a “track record of financial responsibility.” To qualify for a low rate, the lender says you or your co-applicant will need to have several years of credit history with few late payments, sufficient income and a record of saving.

Read our LightStream personal loan review to learn more.

Check your Approval Odds for a loan Get Started

Best for multiple loan terms and borrower perks: SoFi

Why SoFi stands out: SoFi offers loan terms ranging from two to seven years. If you’re approved for a SoFi personal loan, you can also take advantage of valuable membership perks like loan forbearance during a period of unemployment.

  • Rate discount — SoFi offers an interest rate discount of 0.25% if you sign up for autopay.
  • No-fee promise — SoFi has no origination, prepayment penalty or late fees.
  • Low rates for strong credit — SoFi says it offers low interest rates to people who have “a responsible financial history.” The rate you’re offered will depend on your employment history, income, loan term and other factors.
  • Member perks — If you’re laid off, you can apply for SoFi’s unemployment protection, which may pause your payments temporarily and offer job placement assistance while you get back on your feet. Members can also benefit from career coaching, financial planning, exclusive member events, partner discounts and more.

For more info, read our SoFi personal loan review.

Best for large loan amounts: Wells Fargo

Why Wells Fargo stands out: You can apply to borrow up to $100,000 for unsecured loan.

  • Relationship discounts — Wells Fargo offers a 0.25% rate discount if you sign up to make direct deposit payments from a Wells Fargo account.
  • Low fees — Merrimack county savings bank jobs no origination fee for unsecured loans. But there is a $75 origination fee for secured loans.
  • Existing customers can apply online — Wells Fargo is a large brick-and-mortar bank, but existing customers don’t need to visit a physical location to apply for a personal loan. They can apply online and, if approved, potentially get funding as soon as the next business day. But if you’re not an existing customer, you’ll need to visit a branch to speak with a banker.

Read our Wells Fargo personal loan review for more details.

What you should know about personal loans with co-signers

Having no credit or bad credit doesn’t mean a personal loan — or one with affordable rates — is completely out of reach. Applying with a co-signer may help you get approved for more money or a better interest rate than you might get on your own.

Lenders that don’t accept co-signers may still let you apply with a co-borrower. These two terms are similar but slightly different. In both cases, a lender considers your income and credit along with another person’s income and credit to approve you for a loan.

Here’s where the difference comes into play.

  • A co-signer backs your loan and takes financial responsibility if you default. Basically, a co-signer gives the lender assurance that someone will pay back the loan if you don’t.
  • A co-borrower applies for the loan with you as a joint applicant and is also responsible for making regular monthly payments.

If a lender doesn’t accept co-signers but does accept co-borrowers, you can consider submitting a joint application and then taking full responsibility for all loan payments.

How to find a co-signer or co-borrower

The ideal co-signer or co-borrower is someone with good or excellent credit. A good credit score is generally considered 700 or higher on a scale of 300 to 850.

Keep in mind that a co-signer or co-borrower assumes a level of risk when signing on the dotted line of your loan agreement. If you stop making payments, their credit can suffer, and they may be on the hook for the loan balance.

For this reason, family members or close friends who trust you will probably be the most likely to co-sign your loan.

But you shouldn’t take it too personally if you ask someone to co-sign and they say no. Co-signing can be a long-term financial commitment, and disputes over the repayment of your loan could cause a relationship to sour. If you can’t find a co-signer, learn about other ways to qualify for a loan.

How we picked these loans

We looked at personal loans with co-signers and co-borrowers offered by brick-and-mortar and online lenders. We reviewed the interest rates, fees, loan terms, fine print and borrower benefits for each one. From there, we categorized personal loans that offer the best terms and features.

Check your Approval Odds for a loan Get Started

About the author: Taylor Medine is a freelance writer who’s covered all things personal finance for the past seven years. She enjoys writing financial product reviews and guides on budgeting, saving, repaying debt and building credit. … Read more.

Read More


LightStream Personal Loans Review 2021

Personal loan applications are approved or declined based on a number of factors. All lenders have their own unique underwriting requirements, but these typically include information from an applicant’s credit profile and other factors that demonstrate the ability to repay the loan, such as income. Meeting the requirements below won’t guarantee approval, but they can help you decide if a personal loan is the right fit for you.

Credit Score Requirements

To qualify for a LightStream loan, applicants must have a minimum FICO credit score of at least 660. What’s more, a strong applicant will have several years of credit history, including multiple account types—credit cards, auto loans and mortgage debt, for example—as demonstrated by their credit profile. While a good credit score may be enough to get approved, the lowest rates require excellent credit.

Unlike many other online lenders, LightStream does not have a prequalification process. Therefore, prospective borrowers must submit a formal application and submit to a hard credit check to find out if they qualify and, if so, at what rate.

Income Requirements

To get approved, LightStream requires loan applicants to have income that is stable enough and sufficient to repay both current debt obligations and a new LightStream loan. In addition to income requirements, LightStream evaluates applicants based on their liquid assets, cash down payments on real estate, retirement savings and revolving credit card debt. Keep in mind, however, that LightStream does not consider lightstream loan with cosigner that is derived from the marijuana industry.

Taken along with the purpose of the loan, these factors help determine an applicant’s debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and likelihood of approval.

Co-signers and Co-applicants

LightStream does not allow co-signers, but prospective borrowers can submit a joint application. In contrast to some lenders, co-applicants do not need to live at the same address as the primary applicant.

Prospective borrowers must indicate at the beginning of the application process that they’ll be filing a joint application and provide details about both applicants in the online application. LightStream will then weigh each applicant’s credit, income and other details equally when evaluating the application.


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