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Mera iMobile App – Get 100% Cashback on Mobile or DTH Recharge (ICICI Bank only). Get Rs 25 cashback on Prepaid Mobile or DTH Recharge of Rs.25 and above. Daily New Apps. Miss Call Loot - 7428148148 Return Call Answer - 1 Answer - 3. Retailer Code - 51879 (Last Me 3 Digit Change). If you are here to log into Login To Imobile, we have just the official links under
imobile app referral code

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Imobile Pay Refer And Earn - Imobile Pay New Offer

Getting the best offers has become easier with the list of Amazon ICICI Bank Offers for December 2021! Now get bigger cashback & free vouchers at Amazon with ICICI debit & credit cards!

If you are searching for discounts and good offers on electronics, mobile phones, fashion accessories, garments, etc., then you have got to pick the best Amazon India ICICI offer of 2021 for yourself from the list.

Just like the other e-stores keep competing with each other, Amazon has always been doing something or the other to ensure to be ahead in the race of stiff competition.

As a customer, imobile app referral code are hundreds of reasons for you to shop from this e-store, especially because of high quality products and good services of the website.

You find it easy to trust the name of Amazon because it has been serving customers like you since quite some time now. Thus, you can shop for everything and anything that you want to, without worrying about what you are investing in.

Best Amazon ICICI Bank Cashback & Free Voucher Offers 2021:

1. The Fascinating Amazon ICICI Bank Offer 2021

Amazon ICICI Bank Cards Offer

Amazon ICICI bank cashback offer is not something that you get to enjoy everyday; it is something that comes rarely, but when it comes, more and more people are benefitted from it.

There is an exclusive offer for ICICI bank debit and credit card holders during Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. You just need to buy the products using your ICICI debit or credit card and you would get 10% instant discount on all the transactions from 26th October to 2nd November 2021.

This may sound like a simple offer to you, but it means a lot since a lot of people buy expensive products also. Thankfully, they can now save at least a certain amount of money by taking advantage of this Amazon ICICI bank cards offer in 2021.

Click here to Activate Amazon ICICI Bank Offer Now

You just need to note that the minimum transaction amount has to be Rs.5000 and when you make the payment, you enjoy the discounted amount. You get a discount for a maximum Rs.1500 so make sure you reap the benefit of purchasing everything that’s mentioned in your shopping list.

2. Awesome Super Value Day Amazon ICICI Bank Offer:

Super Imobile app referral code Day is something that makes you go gaga over Amazon since this is the only e-store that has this concept. You can save a good amount of money on everything that you purchase and thus, most of the people wait for this special day so that they can buy good stuff for themselves. With the help of the popular Amazon ICICI bank cashback offer, you can now get more on this day!

Now shake shoppe ironton ohio can not only save a huge imobile app referral code of money because it is the Super Value Day, but also because of the ICICI Amazon offer.

Minimum Order ValueICICI Bank Offer Cashback
1500 INRN/A
4000 INR200 INR
6000 INR250 INR

Amazon super value day offer can now get you up to Rs.250 cashback at! You just need to use your ICICI bank credit or debit card when you need to checkout with the products that you want to purchase, own and use for a better lifestyle.

On minimum bill amounts of Rs.2000, Rs.4000 and Rs.5000, Amazon gives you a cashback of Rs.100, Rs.200 and Rs.250, respectively. However, if you use your ICICI bank debit or credit card, you get Rs.100, Rs.200 and Rs.250 additional cash back, respectively.

Please note that this Amazon ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Cards offer is valid from 4th December to 7th December 2021 only.

3. Let’s Check Amazon Offer on ICICI Bank Credit & Debit Card EMI

Amazon ICICI credit and debit card emi offer

Even if you go for EMI transactions, you can enjoy 5% cashback offer when you use your ICICI bank credit or debit cards to shop from Amazon. This means you can not only use your very own ICICI card but also your family members’ (if they have it too) and enjoy this offer in a much better way.

The only condition is that this Amazon ICICI credit & debit card EMI offer is valid on purchases of or above Rs.8,000. You can get up to Rs.1,500 cashback. Please note that this lee kum kee oyster sauce is valid during the period – 20th of June 2021 to 25th July 2021.

4. Shopping? Now Get An Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs.100 FREE:

ICICI Bank has come up with another brilliant idea to give the best offer to its internet banking, bank iMobile app and users! You get an Amazon gift card free worth Rs.100!

You have to visit the internet banking website –, login into your internet banking account, do the financial transaction and enjoy the discount of Rs.100! All you have to do is remember that this offer is for the first 200 customers only and not for everyone.

Please note that this offer is valid on the first financial transaction that you make with your ICICI bank iMobile app or internet banking or on

You have to rush up to imobile app referral code this offer since it is valid from 1st January 2021 to 30th December 2021 ONLY!

5. Mega Offer For Digital Banking Users:

The Amazon ICICI coupon that you need to use for this offer is something that people have always been waiting for!

This Amazon ICICI offer 2021 allows you to get Rs.350 off, along with a chance to win JBL Bluetooth speakers! Happy knowing about the offer, already?

ICICI bank has come forward with something that its customers may have never heard before; if you make digital transactions on Amazon with your ICICI bank internet banking facility, whether you use the mobile app or the website for shopping, you are going to enjoy the offer for sure.

That’s not all – this offer is valid on iMobile app and too! All you have to do is use this offer before it expires or the others grab the opportunity way before you do.

But how do you get the opportunity to win the JBL speaker? In order to get Rs.250 off, you have to pay at least one bill, get your prepared devices recharged and then send the money to a few of your loved ones. In order to bang the speaker, you have to be in the top 30 users who have made the highest number of transactions for the month!

Please utilize this offer between the 6th of January to 31st of December 2021.

6. Shopping For The First Time? Special First Transaction Order on Internet Banking:

Details of Amazon ICICI Bank Offers

This special ICICI net banking offer is something that is going to blow your mind with its awesomeness – you need to visit the website, select all the products of your choice and then make the payment with the help of internet banking facility of ICICI. You don’t have to remember any code for this offer; you just need to make the payment with the internet banking facility and you would be provided with Rs.100 cashback.

How do you get the cashback done?

Rs.100 is automatically credited into your account, which means you can use it anytime in the future you want to. Where would you get an offer like this? Only when you combine ICICI with Amazon!

Hurry before it lasts!

7. Time To Pay Bills With The Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs.100:

Presenting a lovely Amazon ICICI offer for you in which you can pay your electricity bill, gas bill, refill your prepared mobile or DTH, credit card bill or even shop online!

Under this ICCI Amazon gift card offer, you get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.100 JUST LIKE THAT! However, this is only for those who get into their very first internet banking process. If this is your first transaction using ICICI bank internet banking facility, you can get a voucher of Rs.100 from; you can use this amount to shop on the e-store and buy everything that you have been adding to your list of shopping.

Hurry before this offer expires!

8. Another Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs.100 Offer, But For ICICI App Users This Time:

ICICI brings an exclusive free Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.100 for all those addicted to their mobile app iMobile! That’s not all – whether you want to pay your electricity bill or your gas bill – anything and everything can be taken care of in an easy way!

With this awesome Amazon gift voucher offer, you are eligible to get Rs.100 gift voucher for your Amazon account! This offer is valid for the first 200 transactors only (every day) and the money is credited to the account of the customer.

If you want to add some extra cash to your Amazon customer account, don’t forget to use iMobile ICICI Sears 1800 customer service to make the payments of all kinds!

Use this offer from 1st of March 2021 to 30th of December 2021!

3 Reasons To Use The Above Amazon ICICI Bank Offers in 2021:

After going through the list of all the Amazon ICICI bank credit & debit card offers mentioned above, you may be wondering why you would ever want to use them. There are three reasons why no one should miss these offers; read below to know about them:

  • The offers make you feel special: ICICI debit and credit card offers on Amazon have been created to make you feel special. Since you have an account in ICICI, the bank and the website want to ensure that you get some of the most amazing offers as a part of both the names widely known in their respective industries.
  • The Amazon ICICI Bank offers are on some of the best products: You just have to go through the gallery of all those products that amaze you and then buy them at offered rates.
  • Just because you use an offer on a specific product doesn’t mean that you won’t get the product from fresh stock: There are a few e-stores that put those products on sale that are either too old in their stock or are not of good or quality. However, Amazon is different and we can trust this name since it has always been true to its customers. You get fresh products at offered prices, too!

In case you don’t have an ICICI bank account, don’t worry because Amazon still has something special for you, in case you have SBI cards. You get up to 10% cashback with SBI Offer on Amazon .

Happy Shopping !

Please Note: Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

  • Quick, easy access to your accounts lets you track your money and stay in control of your finances

  • Our calendar function helps you monitor your past and future transactions by week or month

  • The list function lets you check the details of each transaction and shows you your balance

  • Standard Chartered Mobile Banking intelligent wallpaper changes to match the time of day

Find out how Standard Chartered Mobile Banking revolves around you and your needs

Easy access, now with fingerprint login

Log in using the same username and password that you use for Online Banking. If you are an iPhone or Android phone user, fingerprint login is now available. Set up in 3 easy steps.

See Your Money

Use the couple of extra minutes before your train arrives to check in on your finances. Quick and easy access to your accounts lets you track your money and stay in control.

calender Calendar

Wish you could keep better track of your bank account activities? Our Calendar helps you monitor your past and future transactions by week or month.

list List

Prefer to view your transactions in an orderly list format? List lets you check all the important details for each transaction and even shows you your available balance.

wallpaper Day and Night Wallpaper

Standard Chartered Mobile Banking intelligent wallpaper changes to match the time of day - blue skies and fluffy white clouds during the day and a starry sky at night.

mailBox MailBox Integration

View and send mails directly to bank using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking

breeze Personalisation

Personalise names and icons visible on Standard Chartered Mobile Banking

Move your money

Do more with your precious time. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking lets you transfer funds, pay bills and even book movie tickets whenever you've got a moment to spare.

pay bills Pay bills on the go

No more queuing up at payment machines for your bills. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking lets you settle payments wherever and whenever you want.

Transfers on the moveTransfers on the move

Do more with your precious time. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking lets you transfer funds between your own accounts, transfer between accounts held with Standard Chartered Bank across India, transfer to other bank beneficiaries using robust network of NEFT & RTGS. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) service enables you to transfer INR 2,00,000/- or more to other RTGS enabled Banks instantly.

Transfers on the movePre Paid Mobile Topup

Topup any prepaid mobile phones using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking

Manage your money

Take charge of your finances with Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. A range of simple yet powerful functions makes it easy to monitor and manage your money wherever you are.

Easy, single accessEasy, single access

Standard Chartered Mobile Banking lets you transact wherever you are.

Easy, single accessConvert to EMI

Convert eligible credit card transactions to EMI

For all mobile devices
Type on your phone browser to access Standard Chartered Mobile Banking on your mobile device imobile app referral code
You can also download Standard Chartered Mobile Banking wrapped application from

  • App Store Side
  • Google play side
    • What is Standard Chartered Mobile Banking?

      Standard Chartered Mobile Banking allows you to access Standard Chartered Bank's Online Banking through your mobile devices. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking will enable you to seamlessly access and transact from any mobile devices that you may have

    • How do I enable GPRS on my phone?

      Your mobile network operator will be able to set up GPRS on your mobile phone.

    • Standard Chartered Mobile Banking really easy to use, but is it secure?

      Definitely. Standard Chartered Mobile Banking offers the same bank-grade security that you've come to expect from us. We use industrial strength encryption to protect you and your data. We want to remind you, however, to always keep your username and password strictly confidential. With your vigilance and our strong encryption, your bank account will be kept safe and secure.

    • How do I know if my handset is supported?

      Standard Chartered Mobile Banking is supported on almost all the Smart Phones and tablet devices in the country. Supported Mobile phone browsers include

      • Android - OS 2.3.3 and above
      • iPhone - iOS5 and above
    • If someone gets hold of my phone, can they access my personal banking details?

      As long as your online banking login information is secure, your accounts are secure.

    • What username and password do I use?

      You can use your existing online banking username and password to log in. We've made sure, for simplicity and convenience that you don't have to remember another set of username and password to use Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. If you don't have an online banking UserID and password, you can register online at or visit one of our branches."> or visit one of our branches.

    • Are there any charges for using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking?

      The bank does not impose any charges monthly payment for a mortgage formula using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. However, you would need to pay your mobile phone service provider for the internet usage while accessing Standard Chartered Mobile Banking, depending on your phone plan.

    • I notice there are See and Move tabs in Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. Tell me more!

      See and Move are just two of Standard Chartered Mobile Banking's cool features designed to simplify your banking experience. See is where you can view your bank accounts and their transaction history, while Move is where you can make fund transfers and bill payments. No jargon, just simplicity and efficiency.

    • Will the payees that I've added in Online Banking show up in Standard Chartered Mobile Banking too?


    • How do I add/remove payees?

      You cannot add/remove payees through Standard Chartered Mobile Banking. You can sign into your account through online banking and then add/remove payees through there.

    • How can I move money using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking?

      You can sign into your account through online banking and add/remove payees through there. Once payees are added you can transfer between your own accounts, transfer between accounts held with Standard Chartered Bank across India, transfer to other bank beneficiaries using robust network of NEFT & RTGS. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) service enables you to transfer INR 2,00,000/- or more to other RTGS enabled Banks instantly. To know maximum daily funds transfer limit, please login to online banking and check limits under My preferences > Funds Transfer Limit menu.

    • Why aren't my credit card transactions appearing in Calendar or List?

      If you've just made the transaction, it won't appear in your Calendar or List so soon. Credit card merrimack county savings bank jobs take a few business days to process, so please check again later!

    • Is there a limit on the amount that I can transfer using Standard Chartered Mobile Banking?

      The Limits on Standard Chartered Mobile Banking is same as that of Online Banking. Login to Online Banking to check the limits applicable to you.

    • Why are some services not available on Standard Chartered Mobile Banking?

      Requests for Cheque Book, Duplicate statement, Prepaid mobile Topup, Apply for EMI, Profiles and ATM/ Branch locator are currently not available on Standard Chartered Mobile Banking.


Category: Mobile cash bd referral code

The current referral code for Americas Cardroom is used to track new poker players to the website or person that referred them. The purpose of tracking them is for marketing purposes, to compensate the person or poker website that referred them to ACR. There are many different types of referral code: bonus codes, deposit codes, promo codes, coupon codes and sign-up codes - they all do the same thing: give credit to the website that sent you. Referral codes can be linked to additional bonuses such as first deposit bonuses for new players.

This page also contains referral links so when you follow one to Americas Cardroom you will get your bonus automatically. Another example of a Referral link is a cryptocurrency www. At Americas Cardroom you do not need to have a referral code, you will get the same bonus whether you use a code or not, just follow the link to americascardroom.

That being said the poker websites that review online poker sites get a commission for sending players to them. This pays them an incentive to review poker sites for you, is that a service that you value as a player to tell the best poker sites from the scummy blacklisted ones? When you create your account at www. Enter the code when you sign up for a new account and get your bonus money. You can copy and paste to ensure you get it correctly. The bonus amount that you will receive is based on the amount of your first deposit only.

The amount also varies whether you use US dollars or Crypto.

Tello Coupons, Promo Codes & 2020 Deals

Your bonus money will not show up in your player account right away, you must play real money cash games and tournaments to get it released. You need to know that tournament points are paid out in bonus money once per day, playing in the Beast or Sit n Crush point races do not count associated bank online banking have 60 days to claim your bonus by participating in real money cash games and tournaments. This is the easiest to clear bonus of all US facing poker imobile app referral code. This offer is limited to your first real money deposit at ACR, for new real money players.

Account Opening Bonus 50 TK. Par Referral Bonus 20 tk. Create unlimited account in one phone RingID.

ACR can be played on your mobile iphone or android phone and can be downloaded on Mac computers as well as PC's. Play the most popular US friendly online poker room with lots of loose players. Top Real Money Poker Sites Americas Cardroom Referral Code.One of the easiest ways to make money online is to refer your friends to products that you already use. For ease of filtering, I have divided this list into multiple categories.

Generally speaking, the easier and often lower-paying referral programs are first on the list — with the higher paying referral programs closer to premier valley bank paso robles end. Not only that, but most of these sites offer a sign-up bonus and they all pay you when you refer your friends! Here are some of the most common cashback websites — along with what they offer for referring a friend. I used a website broker to buy and sell the website, and did not do any SEO work to the website.

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So survey sites are worth exploring in the first place if you need some extra money. But some of these survey imobile app referral code will also pay you to refer friends.

So, not only can you get paid to take surveys, but you can also get paid to help your friends get paid to take surveys. Confused yet? In short, you get paid for helping your friends make money. Check out these survey sites if you want to make some extra money — and then refer your friends to earn even more. My goal is to help you earn several thousand dollars per month with your website through affiliate marketing. Rewards sites pay users for completing a variety of tasks. Sometimes they are similar to cashback shopping portals and survey sites sacramento food bank clothes closet but they usually pay you for opening emails, testing products, writing reviews, etc.

Like the cashback sites, many of these sites provide a signup bonus as well — so you can make money just be joining!

And then, of course, more when you refer others. The following shopping sites provide a bonus to users who refer friends. Sometimes the bonus is cash, other times it comes in the form of store credit.

Either way, I made an effort to find programs that would benefit a wide range of users. So, whether you already use these sites or not, consider referring your friends here to make a few extra bucks. The sites on this list are either savings accounts, money transfer sites think PayPalor loan sites. Whether apps or websites, these tools will pay you a great little referral bonus when you encourage your friends to give them a shot. After reading through this list, check out the following section on investment tool referral programs to start earn some serious cash.

Investing is one of the most important steps to growing your wealth and saving for retirement. Whether you have millions or just a few bucks, investing it today results in being worth far more in the future.

While there are many great investment tools, there are a few that actually pay you when you refer your friends.

mobile cash bd referral code

So, if you know people who love to invest or need to investconsider referring them to one of these sites and make a few dollars when they sign up!

However, you can make it a bit cheaper by referring your friends, family, and others to these websites. Then, if they book a stay or trip, you earn a substantial bonus — which can easily turn into free vacations. Businesses often struggle to find the right candidate for the job.

If you can help these companies find new hires, you can earn big! From freelancers and bloggers, to large corporations, here are a few services and products that offer a referral bonus when you connect them with customers or users.To avail more such offers checkout Mobikwik coupons and get up to Rs.

The slapstick comedy, Pagalpanti stars an ensemble cast with John Abrahim and Anil Kapoor in the lead roles. Myntra is now accepting orders for personal care essentials and protective masks with the option of contact-less delivery on your orders! Get up to Rs. PayZapp is an app recently launched by HDFC bank to simplify the payment and purchase of items conveniently, easily and securely. You can purchase products digital and physicalavail services and transfer money by just one tap.

Over 100 Websites that Pay You to Refer Friends

Unlike other wallet PayZapp does not need any money to be credited into the account but the payments are directly handled from the debit and credit cards of the users, without disclosing any bank details.

A user can go through the offers and deals on PayZapp or Smartbuy without registration. However, one can only apply coupon after successful registration while checking out from the cart. Follow the given steps:. Select the category which you wish to access and make transaction. Select the required details and Proceed. Add the required details and click on "Pay". After that, enter the coupon code and click on "Apply".

You will get the respective discount applied to the transaction. Proceed to Pay. With more and more usage of PayZapp more rewards points will be accumulated in your PayZapp account. Once there is enough reward points in your account you can use them while making a payment or purchasing something. PayZapp has a different section for Happy Deals where it offers discounts on certain services and products by various start-ups from all across the countries.

PayZapp partner club are the merchants who have mentioned PayZapp as their payment partner. Yyou can directly pay the money through PayZapp with a tap on these sites.

You also get exclusive PayZapp offers on various sites and partner clubs. By installing the app you can do a variety of work from just one app.

Buy funcam server

PayZapp introduces Smart buy service which offers a wide portal to purchase and compare items. PayZapp offers certain services to its users, such as. The Smart Buy service lets you purchase and explore physical as well as digital products. Smart Buy does not just offers the products but also lets you compare the price ranges and difference.

Using smart buy is very simple through the app. You can easily select the service, compare its prices from the various ranges and after selecting the card for your payment, approve the payment. Shopping on PayZapp can be done with just one click.

All you have to do is choose an offer from various offers available on PayZapp. Approve your offer and pay through PayZapp. If you want to pay someone then you can easily choose PayZapp as a fast option.

By PayZapp you can easily transfer money to someone in your contacts or e-mail list certain amount of money with just one easy tap. To send money, you are just supposed to open the app enter the pin and select the amount of money to be sent imobile app referral code the receiver, and it will be sent.Click here to learn more.

Need to focus? Miss flip phones? Well, they're back! Be transported to amazing new worlds, in games, video, and images with these virtual reality head goggles with degree viewing. Doing some cleaning around the house? This vacuum is here to help! Shop phone covers, headphones, wireless chargers, and more and get them delivered for free with this Samsung coupon!

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mobile cash bd referral code

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Monday 21 August. John Doe Publisher.

mobile cash bd referral code

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mobile cash bd referral code

Customer Care Stay Connected. Report an Unauthorized Transaction Suspicious mail. Support Center.

3 Best Money Making Apps In Bangladesh That Earn You Real Cash

Locate our branches and ATMs. Find List of all sample forms and documents. Download iMobile. To download iMobile, submit your 10 digit mobile number.

With over six lakh users giving iMobile app the highest rating on Google Play Store, we have become the top-rated Mobile Banking app in the industry. Download iMobile app today and experience what everyone is raving about. Or SMS iMobile to to get the download link. Find more exciting new services in the updated version s of iMobile app, with enhanced security and more convenience.

You can check balance and transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, open Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits, purchase forex and do much more. With iMobile app, you can pay bills without having to wait in a queue.Being one of the early movers in the industry, MYCash has network connectivity with every telecom operator of the country.

Utilizing the scope of countrywide mobile phone connectivity, MYCash intends to reach every single door of the country with its wide range of financial solutions. To combat rising competitive pressures, MYCash is immensely communication driven to ensure customer preference, resulting in a strong brand image. For more details about MYCash products and services, visit www. List of Branches will remain open from About Mercantile Bank. Chairman's Message.

Corporate Governance. Board of Directors. Executive Committee. Audit Committee. Risk Management Committee. Senior Management. Investors Information. Share Price and Other Information.

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Price Sensitive Information. Reports and Statements. Annual Reports. Financial Statements. Financial Highlights. Cash Flow Statement.

The witcher

Half Yearly Financial Statements. Green Banking. Anti Money Laundering Department. Customer Acceptance Policy. Media Room. Latest TVC and Advertisements. Current Deposit Account. Savings Bank Account. Special Noticed Deposit Account. Fixed Deposit Account. School Banking. Non Chequeable Savings Bank Account.


What is Referral Code

Voiced by Amazon Polly

A referral code is a unique code that every referrer shares with their friends during a referral campaign. Every referral code is unique for every individual who has enrolled in the referral program of a company.

The smooth working of a referral program is only possible if referral code is in action. Because every referral share needs tracking (for who shared the link with whom and how many times) and doing it manually can get clumsy.

As we know, the running of a referral program plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. Referral programs are way more effective than traditional advertisements and cost much less. According to Nielsen’s report, 92% of people trust the word of their peers and then only trust a product to buy.

Thus it is essential to make a referral program success, and referral codes play a vital role in it.

Let us now learn in detail.

What is the Referral Code?

A referral code is a number, alphabet, or maybe an alphanumeric code assigned to every referrer for sharing of the referral link.

The code assigned to every referrer is unique for everyone. Every referral campaign comes with some incentives or rewards. Thus, it becomes a necessity to provide different codes for all individuals.

To give out the rewards to the deserving individual’s code is very important. Manual entries of the shred referral links and the codes can get tricky sometimes (running referral program on a large scale), which can often lead to blunders.

referral code

Are Referral Link and Referral Code Similar? 

No, referral code and referral link are two different entities but can only work together.

Types of Referral Program Code

There are various types of referral codes that can be used by creating an interactive referral program. But beforehand, we will learn how the referral program works.

Step 1: the company will create a referral program “Refer-a-friend and get $200 amazon gift card.”

Step 2: The customer visits the company’s web page and signs in to the referral program.

Step 3: when the user will sign in, they will get a referral link with a unique code to share over different social platforms with their friends.

Step 4: once the user will share the link with their friends, their friends will sign up.

Step 5: the company will get notified, and the referrer then can avail of their reward/incentive.

customized code

The following are the various referral program codes that be taken in use:

Customized Codes

As you can see in the example below, this is the referral program of Alteration Specialists. They have a feature of customized referral links, where customers can create a code the way they like. It creates a sense of personalization when they share the code with their friends.

Link with the Numeric Referral Code            

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, that referral code can be numeric or alphanumeric. Here Biryani by Kilo has created a referral program where they assign all individuals the unique referral code. And that unique code is all numeric.

Random Code without the Link

Here in their referral program, Spa Nation has created a code that is not attached to any referral link and comes with a unique and random code. Usually, to use such types of codes (with no links), customers have to enter the code manually in the application.

spa nation referral code

Note: Referral code and referral link are two different entities but can only work together.

How to create Referral Codes

  • Keep the code short and unique.
  • The Zeros (0) & O’s confuses people. Thus avoid using them.
  • Similarly, upper case I’s and lowercase L’s (l) confuses people, avoid them too.
  • Let people create customized and personalized codes, as it creates a sense of personalization.

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ICICI Bank launches ‘iMobile Pay’: How to use and key features explained



Home / Money / Personal Finance /  ICICI Bank launches ‘iMobile Pay’: How to use and key features explained

3 min read.Updated: 07 Dec 2020, 12:08 PM IST Edited By Sangeeta Ojha
  • ICICI Bank's ‘iMobile Pay’ enables customers of all banks to download this app
  • It allows customers to scan a QR code of any payments app and send money to any UPI ID, bank account, self

ICICI Bank today announced that it has transformed its state-of-the-art mobile banking app, iMobile, into an app that offers payments and banking services to customers of any bank. Called ‘iMobile Pay’, the app offers a unique combination of best mortgage refinance rates in texas of a payment app-- such as enabling customers to pay to any UPI (Unified Payments Interface) ID or merchants, pay bills and do online recharges among others-- with instant banking services namely savings account, investments, loans, credit cards, gift cards, travel cards and much more. The users of ‘iMobile Pay’ can also transfer money to any bank account, payment app and digital wallet. Another prominent feature of ‘iMobile Pay’ is ‘pay to contacts’ which enable users to automatically see the UPI IDs of their phone book contacts, registered on the ICICI Bank UPI ID network, of any payment app and digital wallet.

Speaking on the initiative, Anup Bagchi, Executive Director, ICICI Bank said, “Now on, customers of any bank can experience the ease, speed and safety of our mobile banking app. They can link all their bank accounts to this app. It means they can continue to bank with any bank and still use ‘iMobile Pay’ for all their digital transactions. Also, they can undertake all transactions, which they were so far doing through a gamut of payments app, through this app. We believe that users will like this innovation as it offers them the unique benefit of payment apps and banking apps in one single place. “

“We are delighted to facilitate ICICI Bank in transforming its mobile banking app empowered with UPI and interoperable with all other UPI based payment apps. This is yet another initiative that will inspire the ecosystem to integrate interoperability on digital platforms," Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO, NPCI said.

How to get started

To get started on ‘iMobile Pay’, customers of any bank in the country can download the app, instantly link their bank accounts and generate a UPI ID (which is simply their mobile number e.g. [email protected]) to avail all the facilities.

Key features of ‘iMobile Pay’ are:

  • Open for all: ‘iMobile Pay’ enables customers of all banks to download this app and experience the quick transactions backed by best-in-class security features
  • Acts like a payments app: It allows customers to scan a QR code of any payments app and send money to any UPI ID, bank account, self. It helps the users to transfer the money instantly to anyone free-of-cost. Further, users can pay using the app at a host of establishments including petrol pumps, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, multiplexes and much more. Further, they can transfer money to any bank account, payment app or digital wallet.
  • Offers banking services: It also acts as a gateway for the customers to begin a new relationship with ICICI Bank. It allows them to open an ICICI Bank savings account digitally and instantaneously, apply for a credit card at zero joining fee and imobile app referral code instant approval for home/personal/car loans.
  • Enables users to link multiple bank accounts: Users can transact using any of these linked accounts with a single UPI ID which is generated at the time of linking the first account.
  • Lot more to be added soon: The list of forthcoming exciting features include users can pay utility bills, recharge mobile phones, check CIBIL score, book travel tickets, buy travel and gift cards, invest in an FD, RD, mutual funds and insurances. They will also get a feature of spends tracker, that will provide an overview of spends, with all transactions are bucketed into specific categories, to help them track their balances.

Here are the simple steps to start using the app:

1) Download the app, ‘iMobile Pay’, from Google Play Store, open it and set up a four-digit log-in PIN. Users also have the option of logging in using their fingerprint. As of now, it is not available for iOS users.

2) Link accounts: On the welcome screen, tap on ‘link account’ and enter the required details to link the savings account of any bank. Users can also link multiple bank accounts.

3) Generate UPI ID: Upon key com activate linking of the accounts, a UPI ID will be generated, which can be used to start making transactions. The UPI ID generated will remain the same for all the linked bank accounts. Users can simply select the account of their choice, while making a transaction.

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